PhotoComment Magazine – July 2009

The July 09 Issue of PhotoComment magazine is available online and it’s FREE! This all the great features you have come to expect check it out now by following this link: In this issue: * Professional Portfolio of Emil Wessels * Review of the Alpha A380 * Learn to take better pictures with your Cellphone … Read morePhotoComment Magazine – July 2009

Professional Portfolio – Emil Wessels

When Emil Wessels watched his first print come to life in a friend’s darkroom many years ago he was hooked. The thrill of knowing he had created something drove him to take more pictures and do it better than before. Emil will tell you how many different people and things have influenced his photography, but … Read moreProfessional Portfolio – Emil Wessels

Progression of Sony

Something that has really begun to come to my attention of late is the negative remarks being made about Sony. I have come to expect such from Nikon and Canon users, they have been doing so for years and rather arrogantly talk about or pull their nose up to other brands, but I get a little frustrated when people start complaining within the system.

I am not saying this is common practice for everyone but for those who do complain it has really begun to get on my nerves. It comes from camera stores both those who do and don’t stock Sony. It comes from the owners of the cameras themselves.

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Hasselblad Marks NASA’s Apollo 11 Lunar Photo Shoot

Ever since their first journey into space on October 3,1962, as part of the U.S. Space Program, Hasselblad cameras have captured thousands of breathtaking images that have given us a clearer perspective of our world and its surroundings.

Forty years ago this week, on July 16, 1969, Hasselblad cameras joined NASA’s Apollo 11 crew for the first manned moon landing, capturing images that remain among the most recognizable ever recorded.

To paraphrase astronaut Neil Armstrong, who took the first lunar photos: “This ‘small step for man’ proved to be a giant leap for photography.”

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Kodak Axes KodaChrome

For generations it has been used to capture everything from family memories to world-changing events. But now Kodachrome itself, Kodak’s oldest camera film, is about to become history. The company has decided to axe Kodachrome as photographers switch to digital cameras. The first commercially successful colour film, which has been in production for 74 years, … Read moreKodak Axes KodaChrome

Nokia unveils new flagship Nseries devices

On 16 July 2009 Nokia unveiled the latest from its coveted Nseries range, the Nokia N97 and the Nokia N86 8MP. Both devices incorporate leading Nseries technology including high-speed connectivity, the latest version of Nokia Maps and a large onboard memory, 32GB & 8GB respectively, for storing music and photographs. The highly anticipated Nokia N97, … Read moreNokia unveils new flagship Nseries devices

Hasselblad Debuts CFV-39 Digital Back

The new Hasselblad CFV-39 digital back, custom built to match the design and functionality of Hasselblad V cameras, turns every V camera into an easy-to-use digital workhorse. The 39-megapixel back, with a sensor twice the size of premier DSLRs, features two capture modes and a new digital lens correction technology for Carl Zeiss lenses, powered … Read moreHasselblad Debuts CFV-39 Digital Back