PhotoComment Magazine May 2010 Issue 15

In this issue: Our featured reader’s portfolio is by Gavin Falck 5 Ways to fall in love with photography again See the latest products releases and industry news in Scoop. We learn about the White Balance. Please leave your thoughts and comments below or send them to

The Weeks Best Websites – 22 May 2010

If you are into live music and photography then this site is fantastic. I SHOOT SHOWS is Todd Owyoung’s site and is a great music photography site. Todd’s images are vibrant and full of energy and life, you actually feel like you are there. In addition to some great images, Todd shares some great tips … Read moreThe Weeks Best Websites – 22 May 2010

New Sony Alpha NEX-5 & NEX-3 – Our First Thoughts

Yesterday many of us here in SA who follow the photographic news would have woken to the announcement of Sony’s new addition or division to the Alpha range, the NEX-5 and NEX-3. Today I briefly held a working sample of the NEX-5 in my hands. (The NEX-3 was just a dummy).

So what are the first thoughts then on the new ‘revolutionary’ camera? To be honest I am a little mixed. I think the concept Sony have gone for is clever and unique (having recently played with the Panasonic Lumix GF-1) and for that they should be commended. The challenge is that while the NEX-5 is amazingly small – smaller than the Panasonic by far which is amazing when you thing the sensor it has is bigger, APC vs the Micro Four Thirds – the kit 18-55mm lens is out of proportion when compared to the body and the user interface is far more Cyber-shot, compact camera orientated than DSLR styled.

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Michael Poliza’s new book

A quick note from Seema Shariat from Teneues Books: Just wanted to update you that the new Michael Poliza South Africa book has launched! And with World Cup around the corner, this couldn’t be more timely! Check out the book here: And don’t forget to enter the Twitter contest and win a FREE Michael Poliza book: … Read moreMichael Poliza’s new book

AFRIPIXEL EVENT – SAT 15 MAY 2010 – Come and meet the missing Gaul

Come and meet the missing Gaul – Prentifix! and learn how to make stunning Photobooks!

Saturday 15 May 2010
09h00 to 13h00 and later…….
The Missing Gaul- Prentifix!

If you have ever read the Asterix books, you might have wondered where the artists disappeared? Well someone had to capture the story………….. Prentifix! He was never in the stories, because he was too busy capturing them… Read all about the Legend of Prentifix Come along to the Museum of Military History in Saxonwold and be treated to the real deal…. 

Prentifix himself will demonstrate how to make the most of your images, by capturing them into a Customised Photobook. So bring along your laptop, your images and your imagination – we will be able to make history together!

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Olympus Europe Releases PEN Magazine

Olympus Europe has released a new online publication, entitled “PEN – The Magazine”. The first issue features six Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera users from all over Europe, including Tarjei Krogh from Norway, Britt Schepers and Eline Spanjaart from the Netherlands, Eduard Gimenez Cerda from Spain, Chris Mettraux from Switzerland and Björn Scheele from Bavaria. … Read moreOlympus Europe Releases PEN Magazine