Photo Website of the Week: 30 Oct 2010

This weeks photographic website is Afripixel, a South African based user forum particularly aimed at Sony Alpha owners. With active forums, user galleries and regular news articles this is a great place to be for most photographers even if there is a large number of Sony users. You can also participate in regular photographic competitions … Read morePhoto Website of the Week: 30 Oct 2010

New Toys Delivered: Vanguard Bag & Diana Mini

It has been a very exciting two days, yesterday we received the new Vanguard Skyborne 51 Photo Backpack and Outlawz 17Z Zoom Pouch. Then this morning at the post office there was another package waiting, the Lomography Diana Mini. I cant wait to start playing… I mean reviewing these items. I admit to having a … Read moreNew Toys Delivered: Vanguard Bag & Diana Mini

New SPROCKET ROCKET from Lomography

Lomography, the art of having fun when taking pictures using dated technology called Film! The new Sprocket Rocket could – for me at least – be one of the most exciting Lomography cameras released to date. A 35mm Panoramic camera that is engineered to expose your film right to the very edges, even over the film advance sprocket holes (hence the name). Previously to get this effect I had to adapt my old Voigtlander Bessa 6x9cm medium format cameras. Read on for the official Press Release.

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Photo Tip: Rules Can Be Broken

In the days of film thinking and pre-visuallation were a requirement especially when shooting  4×5 sheet film. These days life is a bit simpler. Digital photography is more flexible and there is more space for creativity.

‘Rules’ are important in the beginning when one starts learning photography. These rules hpwever aren’t really rules either, more like guide lines, tried and tested to make the most appealing images. But sometimes the ‘perfect’ image is boring and one needs to look at the world a bit differently. Anyway breaking rules is more fun. I have seen images by top photographer where there is no use of the rule of thirds.

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Photo Website of the Week: 16 Oct 2010

Our Photo Website this week is a recommendation from Chris Munton whose new blog we recently featured in this same category. The site, Admired in Africa is a website “that is exclusively dedicated to bringing together the top wedding photographers in Africa.” Membership is by invitation only with many of the members taking honours in … Read morePhoto Website of the Week: 16 Oct 2010