Why to kayak with your camera

Kayaking helps you get down low, closer to the eye level of your subjects, making the images more portrait-like

So many times I would be driving along various bodies of water- lakes, bays, estuaries, rivers- and I would see a beautiful scene. I’d rush to the nearest place where I could safely pull my car off the road, grab my camera gear, and find the parking bay full of others clicking away or realize I’d already taken hundreds of pictures from the same spot. Over weeks and months the frustration slowly built. I needed to be able to get away from the road and over the water. I’d day dream of my own personal dirigible where I could float above, composing new scenes, arriving at new angles that no one else could access. Alternately I’d imagine the expensive, fancy boat I would have for quickly motoring out there to capture fresh perspectives and angles. I’d be free of the roadside and of all the other photographers.

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Review: Sony CLM-V55 LCD Screen

Sony have launched a very nice LCD screen that can be used as a monitor screen while shooting HD video with any camera that has an HDMI output. This 5” monitor comes with 2 mount adapters to allow you to fit it onto a Sony Hotshoe or onto the Standard type Hotshoe that the other camera manufacturers use. The mount attaches to the screen via a standard ¼” tripod thread so that the screen can be mounted to any tripod, stand or bracket that has this standard screw attachment.

David Goldblatt Exhibition at Market Photo Workshop

Fale le Fale
an exhibition by David Goldblatt
Wednesday 15 June 2011
Founder of the Market Photo Workshop, David Goldblatt, celebrated his 80th birthday in November 2010. In recognition of his extensive contribution, not only to the Photo Workshop, but also to photography in South Africa, we cordially invite you to the opening of his first exhibition at The Photo Workshop Gallery: Fale le Fale.

May Issue: Sony WX-7 Review, Nissin Di622Mk II

With the June issue having just gone to print I realized that we did not post what was in the May issue. We reviewed the Sony Cyber-shot WX-1, Nissin DI-622 Mk II. There were reviews galore and a report on the local HTC launch event from a photographic point of view. Below are summaries of some the articles or you can click straight through to the issue.

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Hasselblad Launches the New H4D-200MS

Back at Photokina in September last year Hasselblad announced that they were working on the H4D-200MS. Breaking it down, the 200 means 200 megapixels which is achieved by using Multi Shot (hence the MS) technology. According to a recent press release, Hasselblad have done extensive testing and the camera is now available… for 32,000 Euros. Those with the quarter resolution H4D-50MS can upgrade for 7,000 Euros by sending the camera to the factory in Denmark. Full press release after the break.

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Photography Addiction

I can see the desperation in her body language, the years of habit stirring deep within her. In spite of the biting cold, she gingerly and determinly struck the match. The cold makes her shake, especially her arms and hands, as an icy breeze blew out the flame. Frustrated, she tried again, the match bursts into life and this time she ignores the shakes and quickly lights the cigarette loosely lodged at her lips. That first drag fills her with satisfaction, her eyes closed and the cold breeze forgotten like a distant thought… the addiction.

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Review: The Peregrine Glove

The Peregrine GloveI was recently emailed about an interesting concept that may have definite applications to the work I do. Curious, I followed the link and gazed at the screen.

Was I really seeing what I thought I was seeing? After pinching myself, I hit the “order” button. With a price point of only $149 I had to give it a try.

The Peregrine is a left-handed glove equipped with sensors that execute keyboard commands. It is actually recognized as a keyboard by a computer’s operating system. In order to activate keyboard strokes, the user touches sensors on the glove. No more reaching for the keyboard to complete redundant shortcuts.

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Photo Friday Winner – Lonely by Joggie van Staden

First, congrats Joggie for taking the Photo Friday Prize for Feb-Apr 2011. Please send us your contact and address details so we can arrange to get your prize of the Fuji FinePix camera and Scott Kelby Photoshop CS5 book. You image was the one that had the judges coming back time and time again. Apologies for having … Read morePhoto Friday Winner – Lonely by Joggie van Staden