Interview with Epson’s Kristin Saus-Opuszynski

At the recent Photo & Film Expo Greg and I took some time to talk to some interesting people including Kelvin Reynolds, Regional Manager-Southern Africa for Epson and Kristin Saus-Opuszynski who is the Senior Business Manager for Prophoto: Epson Europe and was part of the design team for the highly successful (not to forget award winning) R3000 and R2000 printers. We sat down for a discussion on Epson, printing etc. After the break are some points we have taken out of the discussion.

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New Craft & Vision eBook – Making Light 2

Strobist flash is very popular yet many people are still scared of flash and or need a kick start on how to use flash more creatively. The first volume of Making Light was a fantastic eBook and now it has been followed up with an even more advanced guide in Making Light 2. Get is now at Craft & Vision by clicking here and you will be helping us out as well. Click on the Read More tag to find out about the special launch offer.

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PhotoComment Podcast Episode 003 – Sony NEX-7 Hands On, JYC Accessories and Keeping Camera Dry

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Welcome to Episode 3 of PhotoComment podcast. Today we talk about the Sony NEX-7 which we just got our hands on. We also look at two other accessories we just got our hands on, look at the latest news and finally a tip on keeping your camera dry as the summer showers hit Johannesburg.

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Arriving Soon, the Samsung NX200

We got the following press release late last week following a meeting with Samsung South Africa. We tried to get our hands on the new NX200 then but were informed the only units in the country presently are samples. We have been told to expect a production unit for review in the next week or two though and are a looking forward to it. The official press release for its South African arrival of the NX200 at the end of the month is after the break.

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