Guest Post: Call on editors to think ‘visual’ by Artwell Nwaila

Artwell Nwaila is the Editor of SA Creative Network “a platform where creatives, thought leaders and idea engineers network”

This is my challenge to all publication managers and editors: to break away from the pack with a ‘photographic revamp’.

The state of photography in the commercial world – namely: magazines – is at its lowest. That is not to say that the photographers have lost their skill, but that the requirements and briefs have suppressed the art form. It is all about formula these days and it is pretty basic. Celeb + over-processing = sales. This formula may have been hugely successful in the mid-1990s, but not anymore.

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News Round Up: Kodak Bankruptcy, New Sony Sensor,

There has been little bits of news all over the web in the past week or so. Some of it bigger than others. Like Kodak filing for bankruptcy. It is sad to see a company which was actually rather innovative – after all they practically invented digital photography – fall because it was too scared to cannibalise itself in a time where their film products ruled the roost. Sad thing is, they could have owned the digital market and still had a profitable film business it seems. Read on for more on this and other stories.

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Web Picks: 30 Years of BAD Photography, Virtual B&H Store Tours, Kodachrome

Inside this Web Pick. Take a tour of B&H in New York using Google Street View. A short documentary about Kodachrome and Bruce Dale shares his story about shooting for National Geographic over the past 30 years.

30 Years of BAD Pictures from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.

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Guest Post: The lens hood is $200?!!?!?! by Scott Hutchison

Article by Scott Hutchison

Tristan Hall asked me last week if I would like to give my thoughts and feelings on the Leica M9. He told me that I would have free reign on length, but that I should write an article – and include some pictures – that I would be interested in reading.

“Wonderful!” I thought. “A chance to have my feelings about the pinnacle of German consumer photographic technology be read by the fine fans of and by people all around the planet!” Little did Tristan know that he had just requested work by an illiterate Canadian massage therapist/photographer who likes to shoot Sony DSLRs, film rangefinders, iPhones, and has a tendency to have his sentences run on and on… So don’t be surprised if car crashes, explosions, and full-frontal nudity find their way into my Leica M9 camera review, or – at the very least – some spelling and grammatical errors. And “review” might also be too strong of a word… Perhaps a word such as “confession” would be better suited.

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Nikon 1 V1 – Review

The Nikon 1 system of cameras and lenses marks quite a radical leap of change for Nikon. Having used the F-mount on their SLR’s for 55 years, spanning both the film and digital age, the Nikon 1 marks many firsts for the brand.

On paper, many things about the Nikon 1 system are simply mind blowing. To me though, on the flip side of the coin, many specs defy logic. And I suspect that I’m not the only one who sees it that way. As a result, it has taken a lot of global criticism since it’s launch, but I’ll speak more about its negative attributes later.

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New Craft & Vision eBook – Making the Print

Making the Print: Printing Techniques for the Digital Photographer by Martin Bailey is the second eBook in our Masterclass series and it’s the perfect primer regarding all things related to fine-art printing. No stone is left unturned as Martin explains in-detail everything you need to know about making beautiful, frustration-free prints.

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PhotoComment Podcast Episode 006 – CES 2012 News and Epson R2000 Preview

It is 2012 and this is the first episode of the PhotoComment podcast of the year. We recorded it last week during CES news announcements that were flying around on the web fast and furious. Check it out and comment on it of give us a thumbs up on Youtube if you like it. Also share with us what more you would like to see.

Download the HD Version of this podcast. (Right Click Save As) or find it on iTunes.

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