Scott Kelby to Drop Drobo – [UPDATE – Post Pulled]

Update: It appears that Scott’s article has been pulled from his website. The image above is a screen shot of his article as it appeared in the Google Reader this morning. Here’s hoping the article was pulled from Scott’s blog as they work out a suitable solution. This morning while going through my Google Reader, … Read moreScott Kelby to Drop Drobo – [UPDATE – Post Pulled]

Review – Lomography Expandable Range Redscale Film

Regular readers will know that I’ve recently acquired a pair of film cameras. Unlike digital cameras (where the types of images created by modern cameras can be changed in Photoshop, or in camera by adjusting various parameters like saturation and colour, or even by adding built in effects which many entry level DSLR’s have these days), with film cameras, the only way to change the effect is to change the type of film you insert into the camera. And if you want something that looks truly different and especially vintage, then Lomography’s expandable range of redscale film might be perfect for you.

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