June – ‘Still Life’




‘Still Life’ is the fourth theme in our 2012 Photo Decathlon. Though this could not sound simpler, it will be a very challenging category. Still Life – in this case – is defined as a photo of an arrangement of inanimate objects. As usual, the theme is open to your interpretation and creativity. See our tutorial on food photography (page 20 of the May issue of PhotoComment), or turn back to the August 2011 issue for a tutorial on shooting still lifes at home.

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The June Theme Winners

1st 2nd 3rd
 Fiona Fourie  Stu Shapiro  Rozette Van Den Bergh
1360 Gerhard Slabbert 1382 Kevin Moodley  1291 Debbie Boettcher  1397 Nadine CHAPMAN  1366 Dave Madden  1319 Leon Pelser  1167 gerda le roux  1308 John Rayner
4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th (Tie) 10th (Tie)
 Gerhard Slabbert Kevin Moodley  Debbie Boettcher  Nadine Chapman Dave Madden  Leon Pelser Gerda Le Roux John Rayner

Entries Received

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