Pixel Pusher – Nikon D7100 Review

BOTTOM LINE: A refreshed version of the D7000 that has been improved in key areas, though not as much as some would like. Nikon D7100 – Vital Stats Sensor: 24MP APS-C (DX-format) CMOS Focal Lenght Conversion: 1.5x Memory: SD/SDHC/SDXC Construction: Magnesiium Alloy Weather Sealed: Yes Price in South Africa: R16 500 – Body Only (This … Read morePixel Pusher – Nikon D7100 Review

iPhone 5 rescued after being lost at sea

These kinds of stories, where cameras that get lost at sea are found and returned, are fascinating and sometimes seem unbelievable. The story in this press release for us was even more incredible since we know the people involved. It is quite the testament for Watershot‘s underwater housings for iPhone and following this we will … Read moreiPhone 5 rescued after being lost at sea

Impressions of a sample Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

At a recent Samsung NX event I was pulled aside and introduced to two visiting VIP guests from Samsung’s imaging division. After a few minutes of chatting one of these two visitors took a moment to show me three upcoming products. The first of these three products to be announced is the Samsung NX 10mm … Read moreImpressions of a sample Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom