Web Picks: Converting Canon Kit Lenses to L-series, D800 etc

Can a lens’ performance improve if you just change it’s cosmetic appearance? Perhaps not, but it sure can look more impressive. Check out how you can change your standard 18-55mm Canon lens into an L-series fashion copy.

PetaPixel Non “L” to “L” Lens Tutorial

It is amazing what you can achieve with some masking tape and red paint. PetaPixel posted a short tutorial on how with these simple stationary items you can convert your Canon 18-55mm into an L-series look alike. Check it out here.

Inside the Lytro Camera

The website Wireless Goodness have posted a tear down (where they take gadgets apart to see what is inside) of the Lytro camera which we have spoken about briefly before. If you want to see what is inside the camera causing one of the biggest stirs in years then click here.

Pictures of Sound Moving Paint

If you follow this link to PetaPixel, you will see some of the most amazing photographs of Paint dancing to the vibrations of sound from a speaker. It is incredible!

Medium Format

To end off, there is a very interesting article on the This Week In Photo site about Medium Format digital cameras following word that two big names in the industry (David Hobby of strobist.com and Zack Arias) are moving on up to medium format monsters. The article by Sohail Mandani is some great food for thought. Check it out here.

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  1. Gary vorster February 16, 2012

    I have converted all my old lenses as per the tutorial…. And wow…. My images are way better… Thank you photocomment for the great article!

    I was wondering, if i use other colors other than the L series red would it improve my images even more?


    • Tristan - Founder February 16, 2012

      Well Gary, the use of Gold paint might actually work even better. If you like Olympus’ old OM lenses then silver could also be worth a try. You have got me wondering now, what if I cut out a stencil with the Zeiss or Leica logos? Mmm…