Website of the Week – 7 August 2010

This weeks website is aimed at professionals and those aspiring to become professional photographers. Going Pro 2010 is an initiative by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen aimed at reaching emerging professionals. As Scott Bourne has said concerning the project “Everyone is fighting over the same piece of pie!  We’re going to go out and make a new pie!”

The background of these two industry gurus is extensive with Skip Cohen’s CV features companies like Polaroid, Rangefinder Publishing and President of Hasselblad USA. Scott Bourne is the founder of which has a blog readership of over 100,000 photographers and a podcast download 4 times that per month. Having won numerous awards and worked in many different field of photography from studio to wildlife (with bird photography as is speciality) Scott Bourne has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a working professional.

Going Pro 2010 is one of the most informative sites and podcasts around and will only offer insights into the world of professional photography.

Author Bio

Tristan - Founder

Founder of PhotoComment. In a relatively short space of time he has experienced the photography industry almost full circle. From camera repairs, to photographic retail, wholesale, marketing for one of the large camera brands, part time photographer and of course blogger there is hardly a moment when he is not eating, drinking and occasionally getting some sleep where photography is not involved.