Flashed Face Distortion Effect – In Comparison, Shrek is Pretty

It is amazing how the human mind works. I am regularly fascinated by optical illusions and this one, referred to as “Flashed Face Distortion Effect” is particularly terrible and interesting as the same time. I could try explain it but you are better off experiencing it first had, so see the video below shared by … Read moreFlashed Face Distortion Effect – In Comparison, Shrek is Pretty

My Changing View of Samsung After Africa Forum 2012

The paragraph below is simply the introduction from a larger article on sister site SA Review. To get the full article please head over there. A more photographic orientated summary of Samsung Africa Forum 2012 is coming soon. Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Samsung Africa Forum 2012. It was, for me, … Read moreMy Changing View of Samsung After Africa Forum 2012

Warning: Clients Can See You

Warning: Clients Can See You
Warning: Clients Can See You ©Lisa Solonynko

Social media and photography make an awesome coupling.  Getting the word out about your business is easier now than ever.

Every day articles are written encouraging business owners to jump on the social media band wagon, and to use it to its fullest potential.

But, danger lurks if users are not very careful.

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Stolen Image

The following entry is somewhat lengthier than most entries that are posted on here, but I would urge you to read it through on the basis that at some point in your photographic endeavors, you might be faced with a subject or scenario that forces you to think twice about the choice you make in pressing the shutter. This choice is not about the technicalities of shutter speed, aperture, or ISO settings, but rather an internal combustion of emotional and moral weight. As the title of Joe McNally’s book states: “It all happens the moment it clicks.”

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Help me find my Mojo.


I have been the lucky winner of a creative block. For some time I have felt that my photography has been stagnating and getting decidedly boring. I know that I don’t stand alone. It is not uncommon for people to feel uninspired. To be honest, I am not sure where I lost my way. It dawned on me the other day that I need to get my act together, find my ‘mojo’, and get back on track.

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Review: Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It – Scott Kelby

‘Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It’ is another brilliant addition to the Scott Kelby book collection. Those who are familiar with the acclaimed author know that his books are always detailed, informative, and useful.

My first impression (when I looked at the caption on the cover: “Learn Step By Step How to Go from Empty Studio to Finished Image”) was: “This is going to take me forever to get through!” I was mistaken. There are plenty of pictures! After all; what use is a book if there are no pictures in it?

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75 Photography Themes

75 Photography Themes
75 Photography Themes

It doesn’t matter what kind of artist your are, we all go through blocks.

For photographers, there are a lot of times when our creativity and motivation seem to have vanished into thin air. Usually this is simply because we don’t have any ideas or know where to start.

Here is an infographic which we hope will spur you on and help get those creative juices flowing.

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