Get Experience By Volunteering as a Photographer! (Part 1)

Ed Norton at SIFF Screening

A great way to get some photography experience, as well as getting out of the house, is to volunteer as a photographer to cover events, functions and conventions. It is simply amazing how many of these groups rely on whomever has a camera or on people in attendance covering the events. No matter the size of your town, there are always things going on that could use someone to capture the event.

What do you need? Some of the bigger events like film festivals and conventions require a minimum of a digital SLR with at least 10 mega pixels and a flash. Smaller places like art shows, parades, town meetings, etc. won’t necessarily need more than a 3-5 mega pixels and a point and shoot will work just fine. Make sure you check with them ahead of time to make sure you have what they need. This is often covered on the website.

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Finding Inspiration in “Visions of Light”

From the darkness, they emerge

It can be very intimidating to do photography or even cinematography these days. It feels like everyone wants to talk about equipment or post processing. There are tons of websites and podcasts telling you what you should use or how to use it, but what about what to do with it once you do have it and know what to do with it? Where should you even begin? How do you find inspiration when your head is full of all this technical jargon, dos and don’ts, rule of thirds, golden triangles and megapixels, oh my!

For me, I went into the vaults and dragged out a documentary I watched when I was in film school many years ago called “Visions of Light” or “Visions of Light: the Art of Cinematography.” It was made in 1992 which is well before movies like “The Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings” came along. It was a simpler time.

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Undiscovered Talent: Vivian Maier

I want to tell you about a story that is unfolding out of Chicago, Illinois. It’s something that I am slightly obsessed with so I’ll be letting you know about any new developments. I have my Google Alert for it all set up so I don’t miss the slightest announcement. It’s been covered by a lot of places, but just in case you missed it.

Untitled, but should be called "A Rough Night Out"

In 2007, there was a 27 year old named, John Maloof, who wanted to write a book about a neighborhood in Chicago. At an auction, he buys a storage locker that contains a few old school photos of Chicago and thinks that if he goes through the negatives and rolls of undeveloped film he might find something to put in his book. As the saying goes, little did he know…

Maloof starts going through the photographs and while he doesn’t see anything that might be of interest to his book, he starts noticing how amazing the photographs are. Breath taking might be a better word. He continues sorting through the images and after a year, he finally finds a name – Vivian Maier. The only thing that Google can find is her obituary from just a few days earlier. She had slipped on some ice causing a head injury which she never recovered from. He missed her by that much.

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New Contributor Says, “Greetings!”

View of Lake Union in Seattle, WA

Greetings to everyone!

I wanted to formally introduce myself as a new contributor to the PhotoComment community.

My name is Kathy Ann Bugajsky. I originally hail from Chicago, Illinois where I lived until I graduated college. I then moved to Los Angeles, California where I stayed for eleven years. As of 2008, I have been living in Seattle, Washington. I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors degree in Film/Video and I am currently attending the Academy of Art University through their online classes in order to get my Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

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