Reader Question: Monitor Calibration Confusion

We like it when you – our readers – ask us questions which we consult and work our hardest to answer. Recently we got a question which raised a debate among all that we spoke to. Carolyn Gregorowski asked us:

I thought I needed to calibrate my screen in order to get the best results when editing. So I researched a little about the Spyder 3 Elite and I am none the wiser to say the least. There are pretty mixed feelings & findings about the product. Do you have any advice please? Is it worth calibrating? Why? Maybe you have actually used this devise and can get me a little closer to the “real” experience rather than the “sales” jargon one finds at suppliers.

Well Carolyn, there was a fair debate on this as I said but here if you read on you can see commercial photographer Sean Nel’s feedback when we asked him about it.

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What DSLR To Buy For $600?

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t see someone on Twitter asking what camera they should buy, and where possible we like to help out with advice based on the cameras we get to review. At the same time, its difficult to give full reasoning in 140 characters. This post then is a more detailed answer to the question asked by @bakedbyjoanna on the topic of what camera to buy.

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Q&A: To Upgrade or not to Upgrade that is the Question?

Well that is the gist of the question from reader Cas Pretorius following our recent Photo Tip on not rushing to buy new gear

His question was: “I am currently looking at buying a specific body that has come down in price , basically because of the exchange rates etc.  There is talk that the manufacturer may soon replace it (it’s been on the market for +- 2 years).  If that happens, it is expected that the price of the current, then ‘old’ model, may come down even more, until all stock has been sold.  My question (in light of this article by you) is this, namely is it wise to buy the older technology at a reduced price, instead of getting the new one, which will in any event be quite expensive due to the fact that it is new etc?”

I should have seen this coming having been down this road myself more than once. So what is the answer to Cas’ dilemma of wanting a body that is cheaper now than it was two years ago when it was launched and could very soon be replaced?

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Q&A: What Camera Should I Buy?

Welcome to the first of our Reader Q&As. To kick this feature off we going to answer a question from Tharina on which camera she should buy. Here is some of the information she gave us to help answer her question.

I am in search of good advice regarding an excellent digital camera brand and model, with exchangeable lenses preferably. I currently have a Pentax Optio 30 – 3.2 megapixel, 3 × optical zoom camera and enjoy shooting nature, outdoor, landscape, close-up macro photo’s, wildlife and travelling destinations… I really want to buy a camera that can last me quite a long time.

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