Care to Share with Canon: Story by Pascal Parent

Care to Share with Canon: Story by Pascal Parent

The entries into Care to Share are picking up and there are some great stories. As they come in we  will keep picking some of our favourites to share with you and keep you inspired to enter and stand a chance to win the Canon EOS 500D + 18-55mm IS. You can find out more about the competition and submit your entry here.

Uninspired moments

I sometimes find it hard to photograph, lacking inspiration. I recently found a way around this increasingly regular issue.

There is a secret to photographic inspiration which is like magic and – at least for me – works every time.

Pick a lens for your camera and start walking around with the camera in your hand. The trick is that it has to be in your hand! Your brain switches to photographic mode and bang there it is, a photograph then two and magic!

Who would have thought that a barbecue fire could be an interesting subject? Once I started to look at it from a photographic point of view I started to see alien landscapes and loved it.

I noticed that during my uninspired moments I often turn to the world of macro photography. Perhaps it’s because it is always available around us and dull subjects can become alive.

By Pascal Parent