PhotoComment would not be where it is today without support from great readers and dedicated founders who wrote, designed and encouraged each other along. With growing global awareness and a diverse audience we thought it time to allow some of our readers the opportunity to join their thoughts to the posts and pages of PhotoComment while diversifying the content that you find here.
Below are the people we have picked from submissions and experience to become contributors here. You can follow their posts on the home page or under their individual pages on PhotoComment, almost like blogs within the blog. These will be places to find content outside of our usual News and Reviews. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we do the writing and sharing.

Tristan Hall

– I’m rather good at telling other people to give us a short bio but when it comes to down to me giving the same its a different story, not that I can’t keep it short, or that I’m under qualified to make it long, I just don’t like blowing my own trumpet. Without further adieu though let me jump into it. I have worked from basic camera repairs through to photographic retail, wholesale and Marketing. I train, write, eat, breathe, sleep photography and the gear we use. My hope with this column is to shoot more for me and share it with you since I seldom get a chance to pick up a camera unless its for reviews.

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Greg Wrench

You may know me better as ‘Admin’, as I work more behind the scenes to keep PhotoComment running smoothly,  so here is a short history of how I got here. I started working in a camera store right out of high school having never picked up a camera before. I spent a few years working there and then moved to wholesale and then made a big change and went into the cycling industry for a few years, however I could not stay away and made the move back into the photography industry and have been working with PhotoComment since March 2008. It has become a passion and a labor of love to bring the best photographic content to you.

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Rikki Hibbert

I love being a photographer, and most of all I love being inspired and fulfilled.
My passion for photography started when I was 11, and at 16, when I won the Best Photographer Award at The Royal Show and was a finalist in the black & white photography competition in Camera & Image magazine, I was inspired to pursue a career in photography.
I completed my degree in Photography cum laude in 2003, and have been working as a commercial photographer for the past 7 years for local and international clients.
Recently I won a Silver & Bronze award at the Sony Profoto Awards, and was a semi-finalist in the African Photographic Awards.
I love food & lifestyle photography – everything from choosing the props, to styling, lighting, and then taking the shot. I also love discovering new places and documenting my travels by shooting from the hip.
When I’m not looking through my viewfinder, I am most likely browsing antique stores, vintage prop shopping, cooking up a storm, or designing wall paper.
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Candice Hall

What is it like to live with someone who eats, breathes and sleeps photography and has done so all his life?  I know.  I’m the wife of the photography fanatic.  I love to pick out ‘photofanatic’ items to share and blog about.  I don’t do tech talk.  My background is in design (graphic and interior). Since my childhood I have been in the study and pursuit of making art, a skill which I feel can not live without.  My day to days are spent being Mom, artist, designer and grounder, I hope, of that tech talking photography breathing husband of mine.

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Kathy Ann Bugajsky

Kathy Ann Bugajsky is currently enrolled in a Masters of Fine Arts program studying photography. Originally from Chicago and now living in Seattle, she has primarily been covering events for film festivals, comic book conventions and the occasional naked bike ride. Her undergrad was in film/video (over 10 years ago) so one kind of camera or another has been in her hands for the better part of her life. Her love of photography comes from the photos and less from the gear. However, she could spend hours marveling at camera bags. Her other interests include movies, television, comic books, zombie preparedness and anything Jane Austen just to name a few.

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Lisa Solonynko

An award winning professional photographer currently working in Ontario, Canada. Lisa’s passion remains creating images that are dynamic and thought provoking. When reflecting on what it means to be a photographer in the 21st century she explains, “We live in a fantastic time, photographically. Technology is progressing so quickly and is so powerful. Coupling emerging technology with our natural environment provides so many possibilities for people to view and enjoy photography”. In addition to her fine art photography, Lisa’s images have appeared in many publications and media campaigns including: King’s College (UK), Pinpoint Medical, Simon Fraser University, and University of Exeter (UK).

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Mario Fazekas

– Mario Fazekas is a nature photographer who, during the past 16 years, has spent nearly 600 days photographing in African National Parks such as the Kruger Park, Kgalagadi, and Pilanesberg in South Africa, Etosha in Namibia and the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara in Tanzania.

Many of his photographs have been published and he has won a number of photographic contests.

His website, is one of the web’s main sources of information on nature photography and Southern African safaris.

So whether you are into wildlife, macro, bird or landscape photography, he has a wealth of experience that could help you get better nature photographs when going on your African safari.

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Galen Leeds

– Wildlife and nature photographer exploring northern California and beyond on his feet and in his kayak

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Sifiso Maggz

I could quote many things and opinions about photography, but much like a road trip, the destination is arguably as important as the journey itself. Not too long ago, I would not have dared considered photography as a viable career path, let alone deriving any joy from holding a camera to capture a moment in time, but, here I am today, permanently impregnated by a joy that has entwined itself into my DNA.

A 2005 date with a Sony Ericsson S700 was the beginning of my union with photography. It was a gift from my dad, to wish me luck as I embarked on a new life in that city down south of the African continent, Cape Town. Like a proper tourist, everything around me was a subject, my fingers ever so eager to engage the shutter button. And then came the winter sunsets… that was it, decision made… where do I sign up as a photographer?

As it was in my early days of flirting with photography, I still cultivate a tourist mindset when shooting today, because more often the not, it brings with it a fresh perspective onto subjects, irrespective of how mundane they may seem to everyone else. It’s the very same reason why I enjoy street photography.

I have always maintained that we live in a big world, filled with more images, moments and subjects than we could ever fully quantify and comprehend. Photography is my passport to that world.

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Armani Quintas

Originally from Nelspruit, now living in Johannesburg. When I’m not shooting, I work in photographic retail. Photography to me is not just a job, but an obsession and a means in which I have documented my life in images.

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Candice Peetz

– I consider myself to be a photographic enthusiast with a passion for depicting ordinary as extraordinary. I come to the party with only a diploma in Freelance Photography and a keen eye. I don’t believe in the “rules”. I use photography to show the world as it is seen through my eyes, my images are windows to my thoughts, sometimes in Black and White, other times in technicolour.

I see beauty everywhere and almost every sunrise makes me smile. Every day brings something new. Every day brings some kind of inspiration. Beauty lies in the simple things. I like to capture it all. I want to pull the inner beauty out. I have a small thing for toys and bringing them to life in pictures, I don’t think we play enough.

When not behind the looking glass, I am listening the ramblings of my son, putting thoughts to paper or just spending some time enjoying the company of my small yet awesome family.

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