Candice Hall

Candice Hall

What is it like to live with someone who eats, breathes and sleeps photography and has done so all his life?  I know.  I’m the wife of the photography fanatic.  I love to pick out ‘photofanatic’ items to share and blog about.  I don’t do tech talk.  My background is in design (graphic and interior). Since my childhood I have been in the study and pursuit of making art, a skill which I feel can not live without.  My day to days are spent being Mom, artist, designer and grounder, I hope, of that tech talking photography breathing husband of mine.

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  • Dear Photographer, Tip, Love Your Client. Photographers give this some thought today:

    Dear Photographer taking my family’s pictures today.
    All people are unique. All Families are different.  Please don’t make us pose unnaturally to our natures.  My toddler does not sit still and pulls faces when he does – you’ll need to be prepared for that.
    We are not just some other family you are ...

  • The Photographer Found and Wild life Photography Growing up in South Africa I have seen way, way, way too many wildlife pictures.  I detest them.  One lion picture looks like them all.  Dry grass and lion. Dry grass and bush pig.  Muddy buffalo stares you down.  Spots in tree equals Leopard.  I yawn before I’ve even open a wildlife calendar. Because of my attitude ...
  • Phantom Origin Images
    I received an email this week which captured a unique African wildlife moment. I was excited to read about it and get the photographers name.  No name.  That got me mad.  Who published this without the photographer’s name?  I tell you who. It was the kind of person that goes up to a photographer and ...
  • Quick Post: Print a Camera I would love to do this for a party (my husbands) but it would also make a cute decor item.  See the Etsy shop girliepains by Mel Stringer.
  • Have you heard about the Diana World Tour? Here’s an Update The Diana World Tour is down under and got me thinking.  Among the photographs of the DWT Customised Clones gallery I found this image
    I’m loving this customised clone by 
    Angela Mitchell and Leah Dent.  It’s like fashion for your camera.

    Now why can’t big beefy digitals get the same treatment?  Just think what a hit you ...

  • Pulling out the Cork on Tech Gadgets South African Designer Ryan Frank has pulled out cork as a way to protect the precious surfaces of our expensive techno gadgets. Pads, pods, laptops, cells and readers will all be safe from scratches and eco-stylish.  View the sleeves here.
  • Warm and Fuzzy Photography
    And the camera accessories keep coming in.
    This find is a “film role cozy” lovingly formed as a Leica by “So Cute It Hurts”.
    So how do you dress your camera gear up?
  • Crazy photo find
    While stumbling through cute camera charms for my previous post I found a necklace to express true devotion to the craft of photography.  Yes it is a vintage light meter plate hang around a neck quite elegantly on a gold chain.  A conversation piece if ever there was one and a declaration of your love ...
  • Photographers. For the Love of your Life No not your camera… the other love.  The human love of your life.  I would love to wear this charm around my neck as a link to my Husband photographer.
    There are many jewelery options for photography lovers here
    Cuff links are also available to better suit the photo-men
  • Refreshing Photography in Print
    Light Leaks low fidelity photography, is a magazine for film lovers.  We admire the “fiercely independent” style and high quality print.
    The latest issue, “HolgaPalooza 2010”, features the winners of their Holga competition.  You can view PDF’s of the magazine before deciding to purchase. Back issues are also available if you can’t get enough of the amazing images that ...
  • The Photographic Spouse The house went quiet. My Husband had left for work. There was no camera talk and no photographic debate.
    I had specially laid in bed longer to hear his new idea as it babbled forth from the bathroom with tones of early morning excitement.
    “A new camera,” and with that announcement his earplugs went in and he ...