Phantom Origin Images

I received an email this week which captured a unique African wildlife moment. I was excited to read about it and get the photographers name.  No name.  That got me mad.  Who published this without the photographer’s name?  I tell you who. It was the kind of person that goes up to a photographer and tells them their camera takes good pictures.  Being only in the very beginning stages of pursuing photography I would love a camera like that!  Sadly I have handled and used top of the range professional cameras, because of my association (by marriage) with PhotoComment, and my photos may come out crystal clear but still horribly boring.

This was a rare moment to catch in the wild so please if you know the photographer let me know – I’d like to pair the photographer back with the photograph.

UPDATE 17 Mar 2010! We were contacted by Chad Cocking who took the photograph, see his comments below.

Another related story caught my eye and interest today – check out this.  A man’s photograph that reached the world without him knowing

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  1. yeah candice, that would not be a problem at all 🙂

    feel free to use the pics from either of the links i posted – ODP probably has the better images, but whatever you feel your readers would like!

  2. I work in the Timbavati, at Motswari Game Lodge, and it is the only reserve where white lions occur naturally. i have been going to the reserve my whole life, and had never seen their famous white lions, not until 2 weeks before i was due to leave the reserve after a 3 year stint of working there asa game ranger! i got a few shots in those 2 weeks which were really special, but when ever i visited in 2010 they were always just sleeping, which naturally makes getting a good photo difficult!

    i had always wanted the white (there are 2 white young lionesses in the pride of 5) lions drinking next to the tawny cousin or mother – it was the only way to really show the difference. i returned to mtswari for a holiday in november last year, and was happy to hear that the pride had a giraffe kill, and after that they headed towards a waterhole – i saw my opportunity, and we planned to get there about the time of day they usually get active, but that day they did nothing…just slept! i was a bit disappointed, but overjoyed when i heard that they were still sleeping in the same spot the next day, so again we planned our arrival to co-incide with when we thought they might get active…this time we got it spot on, and as we were sitting at the waterhole watching some hyenas, the pride arrived to drink – first the white lionesses went to drink, then her tawny cousin came and lay down next to her! it was picture perfect – all i needed to do was click away, and i did!!!! this was about the only shot i got with direct eye contact and both tongues out, and knew it was special the instant i took it!

    as far as me and a photographer – im just an amateur enthusiast, but get presented with loads of opportunities, so enjoy taking them when i get the chance…i am back working at motswari game lodge now, and finding my photographic interest is growing…i am not sure if you post links on your site, but you can see my work at:

    or run a blog with daily photos at

    hope that helps 🙂



    • Dear Chad

      My next post will be all about you. I have taken some pics I like of yours from the blog with your name on them! Please let me know if this is ok with you. Thanks Candice

  3. Hi Candice

    Thanks for posting this story – the link was emailed to me by a friend saying he thought it might be my picture, and sure enough, it is 🙂

    Thank you for the kind words, and it blows me away to think that someone would make the effort to take this image and email it off around the world! I guess that is the scary and dangerous thing about sharing ones photos on the web…it’s the second time this week I have seen my photo pop up without being credited to me… I do really appreciate the effort you have made to let me know that my photo is ‘reaching the world’…. I’m happy to share it, but it would be really great if the people actually knew it was me who took it!

    Have a great day!



    • Thank you Chad.

      I’m so excited I found you. Do you mind telling us a bit more about yourself and how you caught this image of the two different coloured lions? I am so interested to know the background story of the photographer and image.

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