The Photographer Found and Wild life Photography

Growing up in South Africa I have seen way, way, way too many wildlife pictures.  I detest them.  One lion picture looks like them all.  Dry grass and lion. Dry grass and bush pig.  Muddy buffalo stares you down.  Spots in tree equals Leopard.  I yawn before I’ve even open a wildlife calendar. Because of my attitude I’ve probably missed quite a few good shots in the past few years.

So when I had this wildlife image arrive straight in my inbox with the title “why I love South Africa” I wanted to know who this patient photographer was who had captured our Nations dream in one shot.  Different colours going about their daily needs together.

I did not think my little post would of found the photographer to this image but it did.  Meet Chad Cocking – an amateur photographer. He’ll keep you updated daily on the Motswari Private Game reserve sightings blog.  Chad is a game ranger photographing what seems to be more his friends than just wildlife.  I think thats his secret to capturing his images.


I love this last image just because of the look on the leopard’s face – like an innocently inquisitive domestic cat that it’s not.