I don’t Care if the Sun don’t Shine

We seem to love the cloudless, sunny days, the ones that are hellish hot. When we are at the beach, our smiles fade away as the clouds come over because that is just not beach weather. What I did realise on a recent trip to the Coast is that the cloudy, stormy looking days were the best. Not only were they the least windy of the lot, but the weather made for some pretty awesome photo taking. I love the natural sky props and will often try and incorporate some of it into my images if I am able to. Sometimes the time of the day seems to make this difficult. I suppose I should try harder. (insert LOL).

I had been planning this coastal holiday for months and the day arrived that I would take the long drive down to San Lameer. I had these illusions of Grandeur and Fame, fun in the sunshine, but the 7 day weather forecast was nothing short of dismal. When you have a 3 year old with you, no possibility of rain is appealing. We decided to stay in during the rainy day because the idea of getting my camera wet just wasn’t a good one (note to self, get those plastic covers). The next day it was cloudy, almost rainy, dark skies, beautiful. My son had been nagging me to go to the beach, so off we went, I made this poor child walk that beach with me as I looked for interesting shots.

I decided to attempt the ND Grad Filter I bought months back and never took out the box. (The opportunity never seemed to present itself, so when it did, I decided to take it.). I had never used a ND filter before so it took many attempts and many bad shots to get the images that I envisioned in my own mind. That day I decided to start building the accessory collection again, who needs shoes when you can have camera accessories? Summer always presents us with nice cloud formations, nice overcast days and the most amazing afternoon storms so I am pretty sure I will get to practise a lot more with filters.

When I reviewed all the images I had taken over the holiday, the images taken on the overcast days were a lot more appealing and left a warm feeling in the heart, the images taken on the sunny days, not so much. The next time you see a cloudy day, don’t let the smile fade, get out your gear, put on a jacket and go take photographs.

I am interested to know what your favourite weather conditions for photography are!

Until then, Happy snapping!

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I consider myself to be a photographic enthusiast with a passion for depicting ordinary as extraordinary. I come to the party with only a diploma in Freelance Photography and a keen eye. I don't believe in the "rules". I use photography to show the world as it is seen through my eyes, my images are windows to my thoughts, sometimes in Black and White, other times in technicolour. I see beauty everywhere and almost every sunrise makes me smile. Every day brings something new. Every day brings some kind of inspiration. Beauty lies in the simple things. I like to capture it all. I want to pull the inner beauty out. I have a small thing for toys and bringing them to life in pictures, I don't think we play enough. When not behind the looking glass, I am listening the ramblings of my son, putting thoughts to paper or just spending some time enjoying the company of my small yet awesome family.


  1. jackiehulme October 6, 2011

    hiya – great article. just coming back from the equator – every day was almost clear and unbearably hot – and I searched and searched for the photo opps – and I had no filters with me – the day the rain clouds came over – (although for a short while) providing more photo opps – more interesting photos .. in my mind ….