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Lisa Solonynko

-An award winning professional photographer currently working in Ontario, Canada. Lisa’s passion remains creating images that are dynamic and thought provoking. When reflecting on what it means to be a photographer in the 21st century she explains, “We live in a fantastic time, photographically. Technology is progressing so quickly and is so powerful. Coupling emerging technology with our natural environment provides so many possibilities for people to view and enjoy photography”. In addition to her fine art photography, Lisa’s images have appeared in many publications and media campaigns including: King’s College (UK), Pinpoint Medical, Simon Fraser University, and University of Exeter (UK).

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Articles by Lisa Solonynko
  • Warning: Clients Can See You Social media and photography make an awesome coupling.  Getting the word out about your business is easier now than ever.
    Every day articles are written encouraging business owners to jump on the social media band wagon, and to use it to its fullest potential.
    But, danger lurks if users are not very careful.

    In an attempt to streamline ...

  • More Photography Website and Blog Mistakes Here is another infographic that highlights common photography website and blog mistakes. Are you making any of them?
  • Photography Website and Blog Mistakes After surveying professional photographers from across the country, we created an infographic showing some of the most common website and blog mistakes.
    Link to check your site’s colour contrast


  • 75 Photography Themes It doesn’t matter what kind of artist your are, we all go through blocks.
    For photographers, there are a lot of times when our creativity and motivation seem to have vanished into thin air. Usually this is simply because we don’t have any ideas or know where to start.
    Here is an infographic which we hope will ...
  • Pre-Shoot Checklist Infographic Checklists are always handy to have and help to limit the reams of notes we use to try to remember everything.
    This infographic provides an easy to read reference to help you remember:

    Your gear needs
    Things to remember regarding Logistics and Location, and
    Personal things to remember. (If you have ever been to a newborn shoot where little ...

  • Show Your Photography Clients Some Love To us photographers, clients are everything. Without them we are out of business.
    Here is a clever little infographic to remind us how to show our clients some love. This will quickly translate into a great reputation and lots of referrals.

  • Do You Have a Photography Bucket List? I have finally sat down and done it! I have created my ultimate photography bucket list. It is something that I have been meaning to do, but never had the time.

    Taking the time to brainstorm and compose a bucket list helps us in some very important ways:

    It helps give us ...

  • Review: The Peregrine Glove I was recently emailed about an interesting concept that may have definite applications to the work I do. Curious, I followed the link and gazed at the screen.
    Was I really seeing what I thought I was seeing? After pinching myself, I hit the “order” button. With a price point of only $149 I had to ...
  • E-Book Review: The Power of Black and White – In Adobe Lightroom & Beyond by Piet Van den Eynde
    The Power of Black and White – In Adobe Lightroom & Beyond by Piet Van den Eynde (Craft and Vision, Vancouver, Canada) is an e-book that, at $5.00 to download, is an incredible value. It is a  100 page Masterclass course that should be on every photographer’s “bookshelf”.
    Post processing black and white images has been ...
  • Photo Tip: Creating Stunning Silhouettes  

    Shooting silhouettes can be fun and challenging all at the same time. The following tips will help you create compelling silhouettes that demand a second look.

    The key element in any silhouette is the main subject. Position the subject so that it is backlit by the sunset.
    Make sure that the subject is easily identifiable. ...

  • Photo Tip: Top Tips For Outstanding Pet Photography
    Many photographers have a difficult time with pet photography. At first blush, it can be quite frustrating. With the right technique however, pet photography can be extremely rewarding.
    Pet photography is no different than people portraits. When shooting portraiture, certain rules usually apply:

    Don’t crop through joints
    Keep eyes sharp
    Get in close
    Include negative space
    Use the rule ...

  • Review: Lastolite HiLite I have been working with the Lastolite HiLite for some time now and have fielded a lot of questions about it. In my opinion, the HiLite is one of the essential pieces of kit for photographers who need portability.
    Let me start by saying that I am a vertically challenged (5′ 4″ tall) woman who needs ...