Rikki Hibbert

Rikki Hibbert

I love being a photographer, and most of all I love being inspired and fulfilled.
My passion for photography started when I was 11, and at 16, when I won the Best Photographer Award at The Royal Show and was a finalist in the black & white photography competition in Camera & Image magazine, I was inspired to pursue a career in photography.
I completed my degree in Photography cum laude in 2003, and have been working as a commercial photographer for the past 7 years for local and international clients.
Recently I won a Silver & Bronze award at the Sony Profoto Awards, and was a semi-finalist in the African Photographic Awards.
I love food & lifestyle photography – everything from choosing the props, to styling, lighting, and then taking the shot. I also love discovering new places and documenting my travels by shooting from the hip.
When I’m not looking through my viewfinder, I am most likely browsing antique stores, vintage prop shopping, cooking up a storm, or designing wall paper.

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Articles by Rikki Hibbert
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