Not So Photo Related – Robot Snake

I am one of those peoples who is interested in snakes, though I still have a healthy respect for them. In fact my early years of photography where spent sharing the passion with another enthusiast who also happened to work at what was then the Traansvaal Snake Park in Midrand Johannesburg (sadly it is no more). I did have this crazy idea. Image the kind of photographs you would get if you sent this robot snake down the street with a camera on top of his head 🙂 evil perhaps but very unique. Check the video after the break.

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Tristan - Founder

Founder of PhotoComment. In a relatively short space of time he has experienced the photography industry almost full circle. From camera repairs, to photographic retail, wholesale, marketing for one of the large camera brands, part time photographer and of course blogger there is hardly a moment when he is not eating, drinking and occasionally getting some sleep where photography is not involved.

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  1. Candice Peetz November 17, 2011

    I think the images would be so funny to look at.