Pictures From a ‘Township’ School

Recently I was at a school in a formal ‘Township’ settlement in Johannesburg. While I was not there for a photographic reason, I could not help but capture what I saw in this school which could not be more than half a decade old.

In the absence of my camera I was left to use the Nokia N8 cellphone that I was reviewing at the time, it landed up being rather capable for the job.

In this gallery are the images that I took. They have been processed in Adobe Lightroom 3 with nothing more than the Grayscale preset and Vignette.

I was amazed to find the condition that the school facilities were in, at least in the class rooms I visited. The broken tables and chairs… a picture I have not included in here as it was not visually appealing, is of a pile of broken chairs in the field behind the school buildings. On this particular day I also found bottles of alcohol that had been consumed in the boys bathrooms. Bathrooms, the images barely do the smell justice.

As I left the school I could not help but think how the torn and tattered South African flag hanging over the administration office perhaps symbolised the dreams with which this building was built. What potentially are the effects of this learning environment going to be on the attending youth? Who is to blame for such scenes of vandalism?

It was also enlightening for me to see that the class with the best facilities (out of the classes I visited) was the one with class rules posted on the wall, is there a lesson in there for our seemingly lawless society?

The tales photographs can tell.

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