Saturday 24 October 2009 from 09h00 to 15h00

Join us at the Museum of Military History, in Saxonwold, from 09h00 to 15h00 for AFRIPIXEL’s next event….. so book out your diaries now – it is time to get up close and personal with your camera!

We will be focusing on those little things in life that we all overlook, and turning our attention to


This event will focus on MACRO Photography. You will have a task to perform (make your own MINI-MACRO Studio) in preparation for this event – we will have a workshop for you to teach you how to take awesome macro images!

Afripixel will now hold a regular monthly event with these activities, plus something special for each event:

  • Our special “One-shot” competition – bring along your cameras, and come ready to experiment……. The Museum has plenty of different items to challenge our creative minds….. Everyone attending will have the opportunity to take ONE shot, and only ONE at the event. These will be downloaded, and evaluated for the best image of the day. Some nice prizes will be up for grabs!
  • A special short course will be presented by Robbie Aspeling, specifically on How to take your MACRO shots! This will give you the skills you need to take awesome MACRO images.
  • Get your hands on some of the great new Sony cameras and lenses. We also ask Sony to give us a heads-up about what new equipment they will be releasing soon….
  • We will arrange for a Sony technician to be available to do a minor service to your digital camera! He will clean your sensor and check for minor problems while you learn about processing digital images.
  • The Big Chief will show some of the images he was able to take with the new Sony A850 camera and CZ 24-70 f2.8 lens in Spain. (PS: Keep an eye out for a short user review of this equipment on Afripixel….)

The activity of the day will be to use your own handmade MINI-MACRO STUDIO to take some photos. First of all, you can prepare by following the instructions on Afripixel on how to make your own MINI-MACRO Studio. On the day, we will give you some tips on how to get the most out of your studio, let you try some different lighting setups, and even use someone else’s studio to find out how the different materials you have used get different results.

Things to bring:

  • something to photograph! Perhaps a coin, a medal, a piece of jewellery, a perfume bottle, a spring flower, a watch, or even a teddy bear! You can also bring along some insects if you are really brave (they move around a lot, so it becomes quite difficult!)
  • your Mini-Macro studio, that you have built using these instructions or any other modifications you might have made to improve it!
  • a sheet of coloured card that you can use as the backdrop in your Mini-Macro studio, if you feel like changing the environment.
  • a tripod if you have one. This will allow you to keep the camera still and take sharper images.
  • an external flash if you have one. We can then try out the awesome wireless flash capabilities of the Sony Alpha system.
  • or a desktop light if that is what you have used at home.

You will be able to choose your best image, and we will then put these up on the screen, to discuss what we could have done better, or we can simply wonder at what wonderful photographers we all are!!

To cover costs of the venue and for the course presenter and course materials, we will be charging R200.00 per head attendance. Scholars will be charged only R50.00! Tea and coffee will be available for you through the day, and there is a small coffee shop at the venue for snacks, sandwiches and cool drinks!
Payment can be made into the Afripixel Bank account to reserve your spot. Your deposit must please include a reference of MACRO-{your name} so that we can track the payments made. Banking Details can be found here on Afripixel, along with the details of the event, and to signup for the event (this puts your name down, and registers you for any updates relating to that event)

Please contact the Big Chief if you want any additional particulars, or to RSVP for the event!

Visit for more information on this and our other happenings!