KAMERAZ Super Sunday with Bang Bang Club Co-Authour

We got an email earlier today from KAMERAZ. For those living in Johannesburg, South Africa you may know them at the guys with the weird radio ads on Talk 702. They regularly have an event called Super Sunday where photographer exhibit and sell images while there are great deals and workshops on the go. This Sunday Greg Marinovich – co-author of the book “Bang Bang Club” will be at Super Sunday. More details after the break.

Greg Marinovich will be at KAMERAZ to sign copies of the book authored by him and Joao Silva, as well as talking about and answering questions pertaining to the book; not the movie…

We also hope to have a former member of the Police Reaction Unit, that use to patrol the townships as a young conscript from early to late 1980’s. He’ll touch on the difficult relationship between the police and the press, and how reading the book altered his perception.

This is an unique and very special opportunity that might not happen again, so we are looking forward to a large, enthusiastic turnout that is deserving of the book and its authors.

Books will be on sale at R149, as well as specially signed first edition hard cover copies.

Talk starts at 12h30.

Shop U11a
Rosebank MEWS
153 Oxford Rd

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