PhotoComment PhotoWalk Details – 4 Dec 2010

Greetings All

Just an update for this Saturday’s PhotoComment PhotoWalk.

We will be meeting at Arts on Main at 8am, Fox Street entrance. At 8:05 the group (or groups depending on how many we are) will kick off and walk the surrounding area.

Once we are done (could be two hours or more so wear comfortable shoes) we will head back to Arts on Main where people can head home or sit down at the Canteen for coffee, lunch etc. We will also have copies of PhotoComment in print there too.

Rather than give direction in this message, check out the very informative direction on the Arts on Main website

For those who know town a bit better, they recommend parking in Fox Street where we will be gathering.

Some tips then for first time PhotoWalkers:

– Pack light. You dont want to carry too much gear and over complicate things. Restrict yourself a little and work creatively.

– Be observant. Keep your wits about you, town is improving and we will be there in numbers but the idea is also not to trip over each other. Just keep an eye out for each other and your gear. We have had no issues and management say the area is generally very good, but cameras are valuable so don’t be complacent.

– Have Fun.

Weather forecast for then is 15 Low, 29 High and 30% chance of rain. Most likely afternoon so should be ok.

Looking forward to it and seeing you there.


Tristan Hall

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