SanDisk South Africa Event [UPDATE]


We are here at the SanDisk event for South Africa. The discussion has begun around how they began flash memory. 10% of their revenue from last year came from their patented intellectual property from manufactures like Toshiba, Samsung etc. They have over 2100 patents world wide in flash memory technology.

SanDisk has not been effect by physical damage from the earthquake, they have however been impacted by the electricity issue as production requires consistent power supply. We will share more as the evening continues.


There is talk about the growth of Interchangeable Lens market, expected to grow over the next 2 year at 28% largely due to the mirrorless camera growth. In testing the standard SanDisk blue SD card (entry level) took twice as long as an Extreme card did to record 10 images from an Olympus PEN to the card.

By 2018 high end DSLR cameras will require CF cards with read write speeds of up to 700MB/sec. Compact flash only represents 10% of card sales but a very important market for SanDisk.

Lots of tech chat now about Quad die cores, Intelligent processing and durability etc. Looking forward to the demonstration part of the event. In the end SanDisk claims what sets them apart is the integrated management of not only the memory but creation of the controller chips in the cards.

Devinda Europe is going to demo the benefits of SanDisk now. Will update as appropriate soon.