@Photokina 2010 with Sony Alpha

Friday 17th September 2010 and as we have been promising for the past few weeks, we can now break our exciting news. PhotoComment is heading to Photokina with Sony Alpha. From 21-25 September we will be in Cologne Germany at what is said to be the largest photographic show around.

We will bring you updates from the show daily and thanks to Sony we will be shooting still and video on the new A55 and A580.

  • Preview: Vanguard GH100 Tripod Head

    The Vanguard GH100 is more than just a pistol grip head for your tripod. It can act as a ball head, pistol grip and panoramic head. Check out this video from our Photokina trip and see what I mean.

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  • Preview: Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod

    Some additional videos we shot at Photokina have recently gone up on our YouTube channel. This one of the Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod is the first to go up. If you in the market for a tripod, give this one a serious consideration.

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  • Review: Sony Alpha A580

    In the midst of all the excitement of the Sony Alpha A55 and it’s Translucent Mirror technology, there seems to be little attention being paid to it’s more traditional counter part, the Alpha A580. Since this camera accompanied us to Photokina as well, we thought it time to give it a chance in the spotlight, even if its a little bit late.


    I tend to tackle this first in a review as for me it is the most critical part of the camera. The ease of use, whether the camera fits well in the hand etc have become almost more important than anything else. Even if a camera has brilliant image quality, if I cant bring myself to hold it and use it then I am not going to shoot with it.

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  • Photokina Report: Review of Sony Alpha SLT-A55

    As you will have noted, we were @photokina 2010 with Sony Alpha which entailed not only giving the best exposure we could to Sony’s latest products but more importantly, using the latest Sony products and putting them through their paces. If you have read our earlier post about what gear we took then you will know what our first impressions were. If not, here is the list.

    • Sony Alpha SLT-A55
    • Sony Alpha DSLR-A580
    • Sony Alpha DSLR-A850
    • Sony SAL35F18 – new
    • Sony SAL85F28 – new
    • Sony SAL1118
    • Sony SAL18250

    In addition to this we took one or two other lenses, flashes etc. So how did the new Alpha A55 shape up?

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  • Photokina Report: Sony Bloggie Touch

    Some of you may recall that we tested the first generation Sony Bloggie back in our March 2010 issue of the magazine. At the time we were impressed though it was not without it’s faults. The 360 degree attachment made for a lot of fun. Below is a brief video walk through of the new Bloggie Touch from our trip to Photokina. We look forward to a full review soon.

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  • Photokina Report: Review – Sony Vaio VPCW217

    Over the next couple of days we will be wrapping up the last of the exciting things we saw at Photokina 2010. In addition we have a few products that we took out to review on our journey. One of these is the Sony Vaio VPCW217 Netbook.

    Some of you may be asking why on earth a photographer would use a somewhat gutless netbook over a more powerful laptop when traveling? Here is my reasoning:

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  • Photokina Report: Sony Carl Zeiss 24mm f/2 SSM

    I had the chance to play briefly with Sony’s new Carl Zeiss® Distagon T* 24mm F2 ZA SSM (model SAL24F20Z) – that is a mouth full so excuse me if I use only portions of the name or designation from here on out. While this did not allow for a definite conclusion on the lens I can openly admit to putting it on my Christmas Wish List.

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  • Photokina Report: Gear We’ve Taken

    It’s Friday and and for us at least, the day to wrap up our Photokina Experience. We head to London tomorrow and get back home to South Africa on Tuesday, so long as there are no flight delays. Its has been exciting so far – and this is by no means the concluding post – however in the very little spare time we have had, we have tried to be tourists and I thought you may like to know what gear we’ve been using.

    We must give a big thank you to Sony South Africa for making some of the latest gear available to us to mix with our own.

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  • Photokina Report: Show Gallery

    For those of you who have been asking, here is a gallery with images from the first 3 days of Photokina. Captions will be added later. Yes there is a image of a calculator stand, I felt sorry for the guys since no one was on his portion of the much bigger company’s stand.

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  • Photokina Report: Kenko Variable NDX Filter

    Kenko-Variable-ND-FilterWe have been walking the halls of Photokina trying to spot some of the different or often overlooked products at such shows. We will aim to share some of those with you kicking off with the Kenko Variable NDX (Neutral Density) Filter that was on display.

    What makes this filter special? If you use ND filters you likely don’t just have one, but several offering different levels of intensity. If you shoot video you more than likely have found that is is near impossible to get just the right strength of ND for your needs.

    A Variable NDX replaces the need for multiple filters plus if give you the chance to go from ND 2.5 all the way to ND1000. This moves beyond the realm of nice to have, it is a necessity.

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  • Photokina Report: BMX at Sony’s Alpha Stand

    Sony’s stand at Photokina is amazing, particularly if it’s your first time at Photokina. We will bring you more pictures of the stand which is filled with areas for hands on shooting, and talks by Professionals shooting with Sony like Nick Webster who you will hear in the background of the video below.

    The video – shot with Sony’s A55 – is of the BMX half pipe where visitors get to use the A33 and A55’s HD video and Speed Priority Mode while professional skate boarders and BMX riders show their stuff.

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  • Photokina Report: Sony Alpha SLT-A55 Speed Priority Mode

    Sony has introduced a new range of SLT cameras, the A33 & A55. SLT stands for Sinlge Lens Transluscnet. These cameras feature a transluscent mirror. This means that the mirror doesn’t move when you take a picture, the picture is transmitted through the mirror to the sensor. What does this mean in real life? Well the point I am focusing on in this post is the speed priority mode. In this mode you are able to shoot 10, yes thats right ten frames per second.

    Here is a video you may already have watched in our post on the Sony Press Conference here at Photokina, if not take look at the difference between 3fps and 10fps, if you have already watched watch it again it’s pretty cool!

    Here is a series of still I shot today on Sony’s stand at Photokina 2010. There are 26 shot in this sequence shot at 10 frames per second. The only reason I had to stop was that I was using a slower memory as my fast card was already full of other stuff. But the important thing to note here is that you are only limited by the speed of your card when shooting in high speed, the faster your card the more shots you get. In an ideal world where we could fast enough cards you could probably shoots 10fps all day.

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  • Photokina Report: First hands on with the Sony NEX-VG10

    As some of you may have picked up by now I enjoy shooting video even more than shooting stills, provided I have the right equipment. We also know that all the DSLR manufacturers are trying to get in on the action of the 5D MkII. We also now that Sony has been hanging back.

    We recently reviewed the NEX-5 which is a crossover camera offering the simplicity of use of a compact camera. This camera was the first interchangeable lens camera available from Sony to shoot full HD video. The NEX-VG10 I am talking about here is the video form, big brother of the NEX-5.

    I have always maintained that although a DSLR can shoot HD video and the quality is unquestionable, there is a reason a video camera has always had a very similar shape or form. This is because you hold a camera differently when shooting video as opposed to shooting stills. The reason people ‘struggle along’ with a DSLR is the size of the sensor. The bigger sensor of the DSLR allows better low light performance and the ability to use faster aperture lenses gives you more control over depth of field.

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  • Photokina Report: Sony Press Conference

    Sony-Masashi-Imamura-Senior-Vice-PresidentWe have just stepped out of a very interesting Sony Press Conference here at Photokina 2010. We were given information on the future and a little more insight into the A700 replacement. We were also shown a road map for NEX lenses. For all this and more, click on ‘Continue Reading’

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  • Photokina Report: Flight Delayed

    Ok, this picture of a sunrise is not a German or London sunrise, it still a South African sunrise. Yesterday afternoon we arrived at the airport for our flight to London only to find the flight was delayed for almost 12 hours. So here we are, at the airport waiting to board our plane.

    As Greg says, the plane, the sunrise and hot chocolate makes for a perfect picture, except that its not in London.

    The itinerary now is arrive in London, rush to make arrangement to get to Germany (we will have missed our train) and hopefully make it to Photokina before the Sony Press Conference. We will keep you posted. What would life be like without a little bit of excitement?

    (Picture taken at OR Tambo International Airport with the new Sony Alpha A580, 18-250mm lens using Auto HDR [High Dynamic Range] at 3 EV stop setting)

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  • PhotoComment @Photokina 2010 with Sony Alpha

    BREAKING NEWS – Just as we’ve been promising!

    We are going to be at Photokina from 21 – 25 September 2010 in Cologne, Germany. Each day we will post updates from the show. A big thank you to Sony South Africa as we will be shooting with the brand new Alpha A55 and A580. Also accompanying us on the trip is a Vaio Netbook, (VPC-W217) which will get a full review in the coming days.

    Be sure to check out the site daily.

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