Website of the Week

Website of the Week

Every Saturday look out for our website of the week. During our travels on the world wide web, we spend plenty of time travelling out there, we pick our favourite photography related website and share it with you. We are abviously biased towards photocomment, but there are lots of other great photography websites out there. We bring the best of them to you right here where they are easy to find.

Enjoy your trip, but come back soon!

  • Web & News Round Up: Nikon 1 V1 at the Dakar, Nikon D800 vs D700, Canon EOS 5D Mk II vs Mk II etc

    It is the weekend and as often as we can, we like to wrap up some of the week’s events etc in a Friday post. Before we dive into news and cool things from the web, I must share with you what happened last night.

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  • Web Picks & News Round Up: Canon EOS 5D Mk III, Nokia 41mp Smart Phone etc

    Let us start this weeks round up with the biggest news of the day, Canon’s announcement of the long awaited EOS-5D Mk III. The new camera boasts many improvements over the Mark II version including a more robust build, 6 frames per second and a 22.3mp sensor which utilizes the gapless micro lens technology that is on the EOS-1Dx and should make for improved low light performance. Also on the improvement list is the autofocus system which is the 61-point system found in the EOS1-Dx.

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  • Web Picks & News Round Up – Nikon D800 vs D4, Rat Race, 8K Video etc

    This week has been a little quiet on the website this week. Apologies for that, but it has been worth it as the March issue of PhotoComment Magazine is out on regional delivery at this very moment and subscribers, your copies are on a postal truck today as well. We are working to have the magazine ready a week in advance every month so everyone gets the magazines by the first of each month. Read on for a catch up on some interesting things happening across the web.

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  • Web and News Round Up: Shower Head Shift Lens, Former Olympus Execs Arrested and much more
    Maciej Pietuszynski’s “maciekpp” Shower Head Shift Lens

    This post is just a round up of some of the cool, interesting stories, videos and news we have found on the web or were just to swamped to cover as individual articles during the week. The March issue of PhotoComment is also being wrapped up to go to print next week. Hope you have a great weekend.

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  • Web Picks: Converting Canon Kit Lenses to L-series, D800 etc

    Can a lens’ performance improve if you just change it’s cosmetic appearance? Perhaps not, but it sure can look more impressive. Check out how you can change your standard 18-55mm Canon lens into an L-series fashion copy.

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  • Web Picks: 30 Years of BAD Photography, Virtual B&H Store Tours, Kodachrome

    Inside this Web Pick. Take a tour of B&H in New York using Google Street View. A short documentary about Kodachrome and Bruce Dale shares his story about shooting for National Geographic over the past 30 years.

    30 Years of BAD Pictures from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.

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  • Web Picks: Wet Plate Photographer and Other Stories

    Some of you may recall some time back that we used to have a Website of the Week feature. As time went on we focused on other areas and gradually the feature phased out. Today I want to try a new feature and get your feedback on it. Some ideas on what to call it would also be good. For the time being I am going to call it “Web Picks” and it will serve as a post to share with you some of our favourite stories on the web. Feel free in the comments to link to other great stories you may have found and want to share.

    Wet Plate Photographer

    Dana Geraths – Wet Plate Photographer from Kia Geraths on Vimeo.

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  • Photo Website: Dear Photograph

    Have you ever looked over pictures from you past and wished you could go back there? Wished you could pass a message on to those in the picture who may have passed one? Dear Photograph is a website that shares images from the past shot in the same place they were taken but now in the present… does it make sense? If not go check it out. It is really worth it. You can even see a video from ABC News about it here.

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  • Photo Website Pick: Improve Photography

    It has been some time since we picked a website, truth be told, its not that there aren’t great sites out there but its been difficult to keep on top of what was a weekly feature. That said, we will still share great sites as we dive into them and one such site is Improve Photography. This site is the home of photographer and author Jim Harmer and a great resource. We have to thank him for adding us to his list of Top 21 Up-And-Coming Photography Sites to Watch. Improve Photography is now on my Google Reader.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: The Online Photographer

    There are several websites that I subscribe to in my Google Reader and which I have shared before, like PetaPixel and The Phoblographer. Another such site is The Online Photographer. With news, great images and opinion images its a great read.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Japan on Big Picture

    In light  of the recent events in Japan having heard the news yesterday on the radio and not owning a TV, I took to the net to find images and videos of the scenes that are capturing the world at this time. I came across’s Big Picture blog. Our heart goes out to those who have been so poorly effected by this catastrophic event. I passed Sony South Africa’s offices in Midrand yesterday on the way home for the KIKI Meet Up and was told of contacts they made with people in Tokyo still working from under their desks as the buildings swayed… does life really go on that quickly?

    I was shocked in some ways (though I understand to make the news applicable to one’s readers) as photographic and gadget sites across the net began to report on factories of Nikon, Canon, Sony etc that would be impacted by this disaster and the reports so soon afterwards from these companies – I guess in efforts to alleviate fears of investors – reporting how staff and facilities have been affected. It seems that in this busy world the only thing that seems to stop and acknowledge the effects of the massive earthquake and tsunami are the photographs. Do not forget the impact of a moment frozen in time.

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  • Photo Website of the Week:

    Yesterday I sat chatting to Johan and Paul from Lens Rental about various different things and in the  process of doing so they told me about a new initiative they are working on at

    In essence this is a Photography Community site where the emphasis is on the images not chit chat. Images are rated by the members and get a number rating. There are awards for top image of the day, week, month etc and occasional competitions. Check it out.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Kruger-2-Kalahari

    This weeks photo website is Kruger-2-Kalahari. A great resource for those with a love of Africa and wildlife this site is filled with tips, reviews and interviews with photographers including big names like Moose Peterson. If your  passion is wildlife photography then make this site a regular stop in your week.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: PetaPixel

    This week I want to share what is quickly becoming one of my favourite photographic sites, PetaPixel. When I check through my Google Reader for the RSS feeds I follow, particularly the ones I mark with a Star, I quickly find that a great deal of them come from PetaPixel. A great website with fantastic articles, an example of which is a recent on a photographer whose captured the windows, doors and televisions of Ponte City, see it even has stuff close to home.

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  • Launch of KIKI – A Community for Photographers

    I have been excitedly waiting for the day that this announcement would come. Cape Town based wedding photographer Christine Meintjes has launched KIKI which is an online community for photographers that she has been working on for some time now. I recall the first time we chatted over Skype and the excitement she expressed over the idea, it was tangible.

    Now the big day has arrived. I highly recommend signing up and becoming a part of what looks to be a great photographic community.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Camerazzi Community

    This weeks Photo Website came as a suggestion from Pikkie Wolmarans who is the founder and editor of the Camerazzi Community. This South African based photographic community is a place where people can get together online and share their photographs, tips, experiences, you name it. If you still haven’t found your perfect photographic home on the web then perhaps you should give Camerazzi a try.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: The Phoblographer


    Doing this Photo Website of the Week feature is a great deal of fun. Sometimes I will come across a website and know in an instant that I want to share it with you and other weeks I am still trying to find a website that grabs me on a Saturday morning.

    This week is one of those search till the last minute weeks but I have found a great site that I am adding to my Google Reader, The Phoblographer. Great reviews and content it is a great read and well worth checking out.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Richard Nicholson

    A story at Crunch Gear really caught my interest this week. It was of a photographer, Richard Nicholson who is documenting the last remaining photographic darkrooms of London. The work is titled “Analog – The Last One Out , Please Turn On The Light”.

    Wired have an interview with Richard Nicholson on this series of his work which you may want to read as well.

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  • Photo Website: Ilan Godfrey

    This weeks Photo Website is Ilan Godfrey’s and provides an insight of what is coming in our February issue of the magazine. Ilan is a South African born  and until recently returning home, UK based documentary photographer.

    We will bring you more about Ilan in our Pro Portfolio for the February issue of PhotoComment Magazine.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: The Sartorialist

    Following my discovery of The Sartorialist in the post made yesterday, I checked out the site a bit further and thought it could make a fantastic website pick for this week. The images are fantastic and if you have watched the video from yesterday you will know how his approach is so simple. Do yourself a favour and take some time to check it out.

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  • Photo Websites of the Week

    Today I thought to share two photographically orientated websites with you. The first is the the Encyclopedia Britannica Blog’s post “2010 in Pictures” which takes a handful of the international stories that made headlines in 2010 and shares an image for each.

    The other website to check out is the BBC with their “2011 Around the World: Your Pictures” gallery that brings the images of the new year coming in from all over the globe. Again, its just a handful.

    We hope you had a great New Year celebration and look forward to sharing in a great 2011 with you. Don’t be shy to share your favourite websites with us too.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Julian Goldswain

    Our favourite photo website for this week is Julian Goldswain’s site which we stumbled across recently. Julian is a Cape Town based photographer whose website is full of great images. He also has posts with news and the occasional photography tip as well. Well worth checking out for some inspiration.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Cameradojo

    This week I came across another fantastic resource site as our Photo Website for the week. The site, The sites slogan is a fund one and works as a great description of what they aim to do ‘GET YOUR BLACKBELT IN PHOTOGRAPHY.’

    Of particular interest on the site are the tutorials where you will find a lot of information particularly around Photoshop. There is also a specific section dedicated to shooting and lighting tips. Be sure to check it out and perhaps even subscribe to the podcast.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Ken Kaminesky

    This weeks  Photo Website is the Ken Kaminesky blog. Ken is a commercial lifestyle photographer shooting for stock agencies like Picture Arts, Jupiterimages, Corbis and Getty Images. We have a portfolio and interview with Ken in the January issue of PhotoComment magazine.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Camera Club

    This weeks photo website is Camera Club, a South African online photography or camera club. We have had a few of their members featured as portfolios in some issues of PhotoComment Magazine. With regular competitions, a classifieds section and galleries with inspirational images this is a great place to be.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Gerhardt Coetzee

    Gerhardt Coetzee is one of the ELLE Samsung New Young Talent Photographer Search finalists and at the event shared with a great deal of excitement how he had been working on his site recently. It got the old curiosity going and that led me to think we should share it all with you. Gerhardt has some fantastic images and having met the man the images seem to convey his personality even more. Check out his site here.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: Freddie Child-Villiers

    This weeks photo website goes to the winner of the ELLE Magazine and Samsung New Young Talent Photographer Search, Freddie Child-Villiers. This 20 year old, self taught photographer was announced the winners of this new competition on Thursday night. His nexr goal, to win the Hasselblad Masters. Check out his site FCVPhotography.

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  • Photo Website of the Week – 6 Nov 2010

    This weeks photographic website is a fantastic project, ‘Help Portrait‘. Having spent 2 years in East Africa myself, I can relate to the value a photograph has for those who struggle to take their own photograph yet alone pay a professional for a portrait session. The power of a portrait in lifting the self esteem of those so frequently forgotten of by the greater majority of society is almost indescribable.

    On 4 Dec 2010 is Help Portrait day for this year. We will be sure to bring you more details of how you can get involved but in the mean time you can also check out their site for South African events here. You can also follow on Twitter at

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  • Photo Website of the Week: 30 Oct 2010

    This weeks photographic website is Afripixel, a South African based user forum particularly aimed at Sony Alpha owners. With active forums, user galleries and regular news articles this is a great place to be for most photographers even if there is a large number of Sony users.

    You can also participate in regular photographic competitions as well as be kept up to date with the regular Afripixel meet ups where the One Shot competition is done and informative workshops conducted. Be sure to check it out and enjoy.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: 16 Oct 2010

    Our Photo Website this week is a recommendation from Chris Munton whose new blog we recently featured in this same category. The site, Admired in Africa is a website “that is exclusively dedicated to bringing together the top wedding photographers in Africa.”

    Membership is by invitation only with many of the members taking honours in prestigious events like the Profoto Awards sponsored by Sony.

    A site with fantastic images, Admired in Africa is well work a visit.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: 9 Oct 2010

    Following Photokina we have been honoured to receive several mentions and referals from other fantastic websites. We would like to show our appreciation to at least two of these website by making them our Photo Websites for this week.

    Sony Alpha Rumors.

    There is a lot of talk on photography forums at the lack of conversation on brands other than Canon and Nikon, in particular a fair amount of noise comes from what appears to be a rapidly growing number of Sony users. So, if you are a Sony user and you are looking for a great Sony Alpha orientated website (and you don’t know about it already) then is the place to be.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: 2 Oct 2010

    Chris Munton is a wedding photographer that I have known for a few years and walked away with several awards at the 2008 Sony Profoto Awards. His site is filled with fantastic images and more recently, he has updated the design of his blog.

    A great place to go for inspiration Chris’ new blog is our photo website of the week.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: 18 Sep 2010

    If you have been a reader of PhotoComment Magazine from its earliest days then you may have come across – in my Final Comment column – a reference to a Podcast called TWIP (This Week in Photo). It is a fantastic podcast filled with great advice, interviews and even humour.

    A few months ago the website underwent a complete revamp and having been an avid listener to the show I quickly became an avid reader of the site and participant on the forums. It is a great place to be and makes it as our Photo Website of the Week. Why not check it out and even join in the forum discussions?

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  • Photo Website of the Week: 11 Sep 2010

    This weeks photography website is ‘Weekly Photo Tips” a blog that comes highly recommended by even some of the most prominent photographers like Scott Kelby.

    A great resource for photography tips and ideas with the goal to make you a better photographer. There are some great images which as we mentioned in our Photo Tip this week, it is in browsing other photographs that we are often inspired.

    Head on over to the site and enjoy.

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  • Photo Website of the Week – 4 Sep 2010

    We are excited to announce that moving forward in PhotoComment Magazine we will be getting some contributions from abroad. One such contributor is Lisa Solonynko, a Canadian based photographer. We met Lisa on a photography forum where she regularly provides input and guidance for photographers many of whom are still coming to grips with a new found hobby.

    Lisa describes here blog as a “window into her personal and professional life”. It will also take you on a visual journey through her images and portfolio where you may find yourself being inspired to try something new or just see a scene in a different way.

    We hope you enjoy her site and look out for her technique features in upcoming issues of PhotoComment Magazine.

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  • Photo Website of the Week – 28 Aug 2010

    Its has been an incredibly busy weekend but rather than skip our regular ‘Photo Website of the Week’ I thought I will post it late, you just can’t pass over this particular site as well. This is one of those site’s that – particularly as a new parent – is a tear jerker.

    NILMDTS – or Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a foundation that works to bring healing to parents who know that their children will have life threatening illnesses or wont live long after birth. Rather than follow many doctors advice to not get attached to the yet unborn child, parents can go to NILMDTS where over 7000 volunteer photographers can be dispatched to the hospital etc, and take intimate portraits with family and child to show that while their life may have been short, that child was still here.

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  • Photo Website of the Week: 21 Aug 2010

    We love to highlight local photography websites and this week we’re picking Full Circle Photography. Marius and Michelle seem to have a passion for wedding photography which is evident in their words and images. Their website also serves as another great example of a combining a portfolio site with a blog. I am not even looking for a wedding photographer but I find myself drawn more to such sites where one almost feels like they are building a relationship without evening having met.

    If you have a website of your own or any other photography site that inspires you and you wish to share it then feel free to contact us.

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  • Website of the Week – 14 August 2010

    This week’s photography website is a local. South African photographer, Rikki Hibbert – who recently did a guest post on Recycling or Reusing Glass Jars as photo frames – is full of fantastic tips and ideas for photographers as well as some great images.

    Based in Johannesburg, Rikki has images ranging across several genres including Food, Portraits and Travel, a topic that seems to be close to her heart.

    Rikki’s site is a great read and visual feast, so check it out.

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  • Website of the Week – 7 August 2010

    This weeks website is aimed at professionals and those aspiring to become professional photographers. Going Pro 2010 is an initiative by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen aimed at reaching emerging professionals. As Scott Bourne has said concerning the project “Everyone is fighting over the same piece of pie!  We’re going to go out and make a new pie!”

    The background of these two industry gurus is extensive with Skip Cohen’s CV features companies like Polaroid, Rangefinder Publishing and President of Hasselblad USA. Scott Bourne is the founder of which has a blog readership of over 100,000 photographers and a podcast download 4 times that per month. Having won numerous awards and worked in many different field of photography from studio to wildlife (with bird photography as is speciality) Scott Bourne has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a working professional.

    Going Pro 2010 is one of the most informative sites and podcasts around and will only offer insights into the world of professional photography.

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  • Weeks Best Website – 31 July 2010

    A site I had stumbled across before some time back and recently rediscovered is DIY Photography. This site is a fantastic particularly if you dont mind getting your hands dirty and you want to save some money – like building your own background support stand out of PVC pipes – or try something new like pinhole photography, by making your own pinhole camera.

    I am really excited by some of the stuff on here and we will certainly be trying some of the ideas out and giving you feedback on the site or even in the magazine. So if you are looking for a weekend project to do when you are not busy shooting, give this site a try.

    If you have a favourite website why not tell us about it.

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 24 July 2010

    Sorry for the late post again, we got busy with the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk and time has just flown past. We will post some images from that later today.

    Onto our website of the week. This week our pick is 100 Cameras and the best way to share with you what they do is to share with you their mission: “100cameras identifies children living in unjust conditions and gives them cameras to document their lives. Their photo narratives are used to raise awareness and capital to meet physical needs and empower sustainable growth within their community.”

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 17 July 2010

    Okay, the website of the week is a little late today but here it is. As we have spoken about previously, this coming Saturday 24th July 2010, is the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. We have picked this site so you can make sure you are booked on a walk and know how to get the best out of it. If you haven’t registered for a walk then head over here.

    This week we have a second site as a pick, that relates to the first. Photo Africa run workshops and photographic safaris for African wildlife target to amateurs and seasoned professionals. It is also the home of Gerry van der Walt who is the walk leader for the Melville, Johannesburg Worldwide Photo Walk.

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 10 July 2010

    Our website for the week is PixelatedImage, the home of international photographer, David duChemin. Some of you may recall us reviewing David’s inspiring book ‘Within the Frame’ in our May 2010 issue of PhotoComment Magazine.

    David’s site has two main parts, his portfolio, and his informative blog. We highly recommend his site, particularly if you need to get your motivation back on track.

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 3 July 2010

    Back in our September 2009 issue of PhotoComment Magazine we featured wedding photographer Christine Meintjes as the Pro Portfolio and what an enlightening read that was. For that reason we’ve made Christine’s site our pick of the week.

    Christine’s site is filled with inspirational images and stories and a section dedicated to photographers.

    You can follow Christine on Twitter, become a fan of her Facebook Page or go straight to her site.

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 26 June 2010

    This weeks website is the New York Time’s ‘Lens – Photography, video and visual journalism‘ blog. browsing the site opens up a visual feast of images that evoke emotions and communicate to the soul the stories they tell. The particular story that made us aware of this site is ‘Poverty, and Little Sympathy, in South Africa. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 19 June 2010

    The Manfrotto School of Excellence is possibly one of the most exciting websites I have come across in recent weeks. Filled with informative articles and tutorials from some of the best in the business, perhaps the best way to explain what it is all about is to share with you a brief intro from the ‘About Us’ page.

    “The skills of the world’s best photographers and video operators are brought together by Manfrotto in an innovative on-line school.

    Featuring: Bill Frakes, Roberto Bigano, Ami Elsius, Drew Gardner, Joe McNally, Marc de Tollenaere, Kristoff Ramon, David Duchemin, Jim Oltersdorf and Cliff Guy.

    The Manfrotto School of Excellence promises to be a quality resource covering all aspects of modern photography and videography. It will focus on the most interesting topics and latest features in the sector: video and photographic equipment, techniques, the use of light, and post-production processing.”

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 12 June 2010

    Light Stalking must be among one of the first sites I became a follower of on Twitter and since then we at PhotoComment have grown to really appreciate their regular newsletters with useful articles and tips. Light Stalking is a great place to learn if you are just getting into photography and even for the more seasoned enthusiast.

    From useful ‘how to’ articles to picture collections that inspire you are bound to find something that fits just for you. Why not check it out here.

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  • The Weeks Best Websites – 22 May 2010

    If you are into live music and photography then this site is fantastic. I SHOOT SHOWS is Todd Owyoung’s site and is a great music photography site. Todd’s images are vibrant and full of energy and life, you actually feel like you are there.

    In addition to some great images, Todd shares some great tips on how to shoot live shows and what gear to use, in fact he even has a post on what is the best compact camera to use, so there is something for everyone. It’s a great site and worth checking out, head over to

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  • The Weeks Best Websites

    This week I have chosen two photographer’s blogs that are sharing a common theme. Lisa Bettany (who has a great article in the May issue of PhotoComment Magazine going live next week) is professional photographer based in Vancouver and highlights her experiences shooting with her iPhone on a recent trip when not using her Canon EOS 5D MkII.

    Sean Brady is part of the CODP (College of Digital Photography) Network and shares his experience of using is Nokia cellphone to capture some images on a recent business trip to the Eastern Cape.

    While their sites in general are fantastic, the particular posts mentioned above give great tips on what matters most, the images and not the gear. Check out their sites for some inspiration.

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  • Our favourite websites from the last week

    Most of us spend time wandering the vast expanse of the internet. We thought we would let you know about some of the more interesting websites we came across.

    Earth album is a simpler, slicker Flickr mash-up that allows you to explore some of the most stunning photos in the world courtesy of Google maps and Flickr. To begin your journey, just click somewhere on the map, e.g. “India”.  Please note that since the images are used from the top Flickr uploads, the images change every few weeks; bookmark this site and check back for a different experience in a month!

    This site has 27 very  cool and useful tutorial on manipulating digital photographs. Including colouring black & white photos to giving your images the ‘Lomo’ look. Definitely worth a visit.

    Can you change peoples behavior?

    Have a great weekend!

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