Photo Walk – Parys – 12-02-2011

We held our February Photo Walk in the ‘City of Love’ Parys, in the Free State unfortunately not France. However there are a few things that can be said for Parys over Paris, there are more Eiffel Towers, although they may not be as grand, and the river is far more impressive and does not smell so bad.

This gallery is to showcase the images taken at this Photo Walk. Included here are the entries and winners in the competition held for the best image of the day. Epson sponsored the printing and we printed each participant’s best image from the day and judged the images and award a prize of the book Photo Recipes. A great guide to taking better photos.

If you were there please login or register on the site and you will then be able to upload and show off your images from the walk.

(You will only be able to see the upload form once you are logged in. Please upload your images here and not in the user gallery. Please remember to include your name in the description so credit can be given where credit is due!)

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