Loose weight with Instagram!

Cancel those gym contracts, upgrade your bandwidth package and lose weight on the couch!!  Yes, a study has shown (although contradictory to others) that viewing photos of food can actually put you off wanting to eat it.  So this means you loose weight!  Or does it?

I think any normal human being loathes those people in their social media streams who clutter them with images of what they had for brunch, but at least this may now have a subliminal benefit.  According to a recently published article in the Journal of Consumer Psychology by some market researchers from Brigham Young University, the more you look at images of a specific food, the less likely you will actually want to eat it.

To test this theory, the researchers took 232 subjects and had them look at numerous images of foods, both sweet and salty.  After this pleasurable viewing time, the subjects were given a snack of salted peanuts.  Turns out that those in the group who only saw images of salty foods, found the peanuts far less delectable thanthose from sweet group.  We can only imagine for the sweet group, those peanuts went down like a home sick mole.

Could social networks really be an avenue for weightloss?  Well if you try it and find it works, let me know.  I really need to kick  my chocolate binging habits, and I can’t see Virgin Acive doing that for me.

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Darryl Gibbs

Simply put, Darryl is a serious tech enthusiast, bordering on "nerd" status. His interest in the world of photography was hatched while marketing for one of the major camera brands, and he hasn't looked back since. Darryl has an insatiable need to improve the quality of peoples lives through technology by making it accessible and understandable. Add to that a humorous outlook on things, and you have a pretty awesome kind of guy!