Our Best of 2010 Photography List

In the December issue of the magazine we shared our best photographic products and website of 2010. We also sent a call out for what your best products where.

For those who have not checked out our list in the magazine, here is the list with best compact, DSLR, accessory, website and best product overall. You will also find a few suggestions from readers as well.


Best Compact – Sony Cybershot HX5

We liked it so much we now have one on the team. AVCHD video, 10x Zoom & Sweep Panoramic the list goes on.

Best DSLR – Nikon D7000

While we’ve yet to put it through its paces, the little we’ve played with it we can say that we like it a lot.

Best Photo Accessory – Lowerpro Passport Sling

We just recently got to review this bag – checkout our website – and it almost caused a fight amongst the team.

Best Website/Podcast – Light Stalking

Not an easy category to pick a winner.With great photo guides, tips, new forums and the weekly e-mail newsletter, Light Stalking its just an inspiriational place to be.

Best Product Overall – Sony NEX-5

This was very difficult to decide on particularly with the Sony A55, the Nikon D7000 and some other gadgets that we got to play with or see at Photokina. In the end, its the new firmware, size and range of adapters to use an almost limitless range of lenses that put the Sony NEX-5 back into contention.


cmeintjes on Twitter suggested:

  • shootsacas a wedding photographer I can see why. The Shootsac is a lens bag which is not only very practical by fashionable as well.
  • Lightroom 3 – Those who have upgraded to Adobe’s Lightroom 3 seem to be over the moon with it. When you shooting a lot of images then this is essential to your workflow.
  • SpiderholsterI admit that this was new to me. Having checked it out, I can why people would like to keep their camera ready on their hip like an old western 6 shooter.

sandbagger13 on Twitter suggested:

  • Sony Alpha A55 – It was really hard to not include this camera in our list. If we had created a title for innovation of the year, the Alpha A55 would have taken it without a doubt. This camera has set a new standard and we are itching to see its big brother being announced in the new year.