Pictures Reduce Pain

I have been in the process of moving and not being the most patient of people I chose on Saturday to do a fair bit of moving on my own. I am still not sure if that is what is to blame, but by lunch time my body was aching, my head was burning yet the rest of me was freezing. It was terrible. Sunday afternoon got a little better but I did find myself perspiring as if I was sitting in a sauna. Why am I telling you this and grossing you all out?

Well apart from looking for some sympathy 🙂 kidding, it reminded me of an article I saw on PetaPixel some time back, which looked at a study on how pictures of loved ones can help ease pain. In my limited experience I must admit that I found it worked. Perhaps we tend to underestimate the impact a photograph can have on the people we love.

My wife has a relation that has been suffering from Cystic Fibrosis for years. She has osteoporosis and is pretty much bed ridden. Daily Candice takes pictures of our little boy or things she is doing during the day and emails them to her from her BlackBerry. Because she has such a high risk of infection from germs etc, my wife’s photographs and emails are her only experience of the outside world.

Just some food for thought. When last did you send out a family photograph or capture an aging parent? Just some food for thought.