Street Photography with White Background

This video grabbed my attention. I never thought of doing ‘street photography’ portraits using a white background and available light. This video by Wired of photographer Clay Enos is great.

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Tristan - Founder

Founder of PhotoComment. In a relatively short space of time he has experienced the photography industry almost full circle. From camera repairs, to photographic retail, wholesale, marketing for one of the large camera brands, part time photographer and of course blogger there is hardly a moment when he is not eating, drinking and occasionally getting some sleep where photography is not involved.


  1. gleeds March 16, 2011

    Wow. Superawesome. Makes me want to go out with some white paper, a roll of tape and stop people on the street. I think part of it is the energy of the photographer. He does really good interactions with the people. I have to wonder what he does about model release forms?

  2. Cas Pretorius February 4, 2011

    Very inspiring. Am going to try it!!