UPDATE: Price Drop on Fuji FinePix HS10


With the announcement of the Fujifilm HS20 (and my father in law talking of getting a camera to replace his old Minolta SLR) I thought I would pop into Foto First and see what was happening with the HS10.

A price drop to R4599.00. That’s entry level DSLR money for a 30x Optical zoom in a manual zoom SLR like mechanism. That a whopping 24-720mm. The camera handles like a small DSLR with my only complaint being the smallish electronic viewfinder. All in all a good buy if you’re thinking entry level DSLR but the thought of a bag full of lenses is a bit overwhelming. Plus where on a DSLR will you find a 720mm lens for less than a car?

Update: I have just received an email informing me that this deal includes a Velbon Monopod and a camera bag. Just to increase its appeal.

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