Web Picks: 30 Years of BAD Photography, Virtual B&H Store Tours, Kodachrome

Inside this Web Pick. Take a tour of B&H in New York using Google Street View. A short documentary about Kodachrome and Bruce Dale shares his story about shooting for National Geographic over the past 30 years.

30 Years of BAD Pictures from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.

Bruce Dale

The above video about Bruce Dale who is worked for National Geographic for 30 years was shared by Outdoorphoto on their Facebook Page here.

Virtual Store Tour of B&H in New York

PetaPixel shared recently that you can take a virtual tour of the world famous B&H store in New Your thanks to Google Street view. Head on over to the article here and see the embedded tour. It is amazing.

Kodachrome Short Documentary

PetaPixel shared the above short documentary about the death of Kodachrome. Odd that I only came across it in the week following Kodak’s filing for bankruptcy. When you see what was involved in processing Kodachrome one can see it’s downfall yet you cannot help but marvel at it’s technicality.

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