May Issue: Sony WX-7 Review, Nissin Di622Mk II

With the June issue having just gone to print I realized that we did not post what was in the May issue. We reviewed the Sony Cyber-shot WX-1, Nissin DI-622 Mk II. There were reviews galore and a report on the local HTC launch event from a photographic point of view. Below are summaries of some the articles or you can click straight through to the issue.

HTC Launch

We recently attended the launch in South Africa of HTC’s new phones and tablets with 7 devices being launched. We are not a mobile phone mag so we won’t go into all the devices that were launched but I do want to look at some of the models and technology that was of interest to me as a photographer.

Professional Portfolio – Andre Branco

We asked Andre among other things, how he got interested in photography

My view of the world has changed so much as I have gone on with my life. The idea of photography first ‘hit’ me when a friend of my family built his own camera from lots of old cameras and photographed images on his road trips around Africa. I have always had vivid images manifest themselves inside my mind, and the concept of burning images to film was so close to the concept of my mind burning images in my imagination.

Student Portfolio – Annemé Bothma (VEGA Student)

Its always fantastic to find new photographers pursuing their dreams. It is even more fantastic when they are so enthusiastic to share their work within the pages of PhotoComment Magazine. Annemé is one such photographer.

Readers Portfolio – Trevor Adeline

We asked Trevor about his experience working as a photographer on cruise ships. This was his reply.

The four year cruise was a great experience.  My first contract was as a photographer, work was not hard but hours were long and not consistent.  The photography is not creative at all, a backdrop and portrait set up each night with 3 – 5 basic poses and several location ‘paparazzi’ shoots around the ship.  It is very much a business with roll count, targets, hard sales and profit.  On the flip side your personal time is amazing. I enjoyed the beaches and volcanoes’ of the Caribbean, tequila in Mexico, history of Egypt, bustle of Rome, cuisine in France and much, much more. Best of all we had no expenses, all money was saved except entertainment.  If anyone was to ask for advice, I’d say it’s what you make of it, don’t do it for the photography, do it for the adventure.  My following contracts I moved into the shore excursions department and shot personal work on the side.

Review – Sony Cyber-shot WX-7

We have had some great fun with the WX-7. It performs well in low light and the ability to quickly switch from videos to stills and shoot stills while shooting a video is fantastic. While it may not be for everyone, the WX-7 is a very good option if you are in the market for a decent compact.

(Check out the full review in the magazine)

Review – Nissin Di-622 Mk II Flash

I used the Nissin Di622 Mark II with the Canon EOS 7D on a impromptu portrait and Parkour shoot, it was fantastic. Sure it doesn’t have a fancy LCD display with multiple functions, but it has the essentials and even if you get the Di866 or another more advanced flash later on, the DI622 makes a perfect second flash and will always be useful in your bag.

(Check out the full review in the magazine)