PhotoComment Magazine – April 2009

It’s out and available at! The April issue of PhotoComment Magazine with a special focus on the 2008 Profoto Awards. Interviews and portfolios of the winners, tips to improve or have fund with your photography and more news from the industry.

In this issue:

* 2008 Profoto Award – ‘Professional Portfolio’ winner Dale Yudelman

* 2008 Profoto Award – ‘Student Portfolio’ winner JP Hanekom

* 2008 Profoto Award – ‘Image of the Year’ winner Hansie Oosthuizen

* Learn more about ‘Camera Tossing’

* Final Comment – What is the future of photography?

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The PhotoComment Team

Author Bio

Greg W - Admin

You may know me better as 'Admin', as I work more behind the scenes to keep PhotoComment running smoothly, so here is a short history of how I got here. I started working in a camera store right out of high school having never picked up a camera before. I spent a few years working there and then moved to wholesale and then made a big change and went into the cycling industry for a few years, however I could not stay away and made the move back into the photography industry and have been working with PhotoComment since March 2008. It has become a passion and a labor of love to bring the best photographic content to you.

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