Professional Portfolio – Emil Wessels

When Emil Wessels watched his first print come to life in a friend’s darkroom many years ago he was hooked. The thrill of knowing he had created something drove him to take more pictures and do it better than before. Emil will tell you how many different people and things have influenced his photography, but it is Gordon Riddick who influenced him most in his youth. Emil recounts how Gordon gave him the guidance and recognition he needed at a time when his talent was still being developed. He now tries to do the same for up and coming photographers by helping them better understand the craft and giving them the recognition they require to believe in themselves. He says, ‘If you spend time with people who are better than you, you can get inspiration to become better, whereas if you spend time with people who have not reached the same level as you you need to give them the inspiration to become better. When you give someone recognition, you open their boundaries.’

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