120 years of top quality lenses

Precision optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss is this month celebrating 120 years of producing camera lenses. Carl Zeiss started producing microscopes in 1846 and then started producing camera lenses at the end of March 1890.

Carl Zeiss has pioneered many new technologies:

1896 The Planar-type is still the basis of many visual tools of professional photography on Earth and in space. It serves as the basis for high-performance with impressive color correction, brightness, field flattening and distortion correction.

Carl Zeiss in 1902 reported an invention patent, which was to become the best known and most-copied camera lens of all time: the Tessar. It was characterized by a relatively high light intensity and was the first time, with surprisingly little effort to achieve an extreme sharpness. With this Carl Zeiss lens design allowed for the first time the still ongoing miniaturization in the camera. Millions of high-quality lenses for photo cameras and mobile phones are today modeled on the Tessar and deliver excellent image quality.

A groundbreaking procedure that Carl Zeiss invented in 1935, paved the way for a brilliant image recording: the anti-reflective coatings on current lenses labeled as T * . The vacuum-deposited onto the glass surface coating reduces disturbing reflections and stray light in the picture and forms a foundation for today’s highly complex optical systems.

Carl Zeiss in 1943 also developed a method for measuring the quality of lenses using MTF curves (Modulation Transfer Function ). Many manufacturers still use it today for quality control. The CAD-based lens manufacturer sparked off the 1961 draft by hand and since then allows a much more complex structure and a better interaction of the lenses. In the past 15 years of cooperation with Sony and Nokia for a proliferation of Carl Zeiss have created lenses. Since 1996, Sony is building them into compact cameras and camcorders. Nokia smart phone and mobile phone built since 2005 use Zeiss lenses.

(Translated from German by Google Translate)