Adobe Creative Cloud has been hacked

Those who were really upset when Adobe originally announced the move to the Creative Cloud suite, will now have an even bigger beef with the imaging software developer.

The servers that contain customer IDs and encrypted passwords has been hacked.  This translates to 2,9 million customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and other customer order related information.  To add insult to already painful injury, the hackers made off with source code for varying Abode products.  There is some worry that potentially the hackers could use this code to make some “free software” available to lure in the unsuspecting to even further security breaches, but as expected Adobe is reminding us to run only supported versions of their software.

All those with affected accounts have been notified by Adobe and have been requested to make necessary changes to their accounts to maintain security.

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Darryl Gibbs

Simply put, Darryl is a serious tech enthusiast, bordering on "nerd" status. His interest in the world of photography was hatched while marketing for one of the major camera brands, and he hasn't looked back since. Darryl has an insatiable need to improve the quality of peoples lives through technology by making it accessible and understandable. Add to that a humorous outlook on things, and you have a pretty awesome kind of guy!