Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 – It’s new, and even easier

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 – It’s new, and even easier

Not all of us are photographic professionals who have the know-how, or even the desire to come to grips with massive photo editing suites like Lightroom and Photoshop.  Well fear not!  Adobe has provided yet another Elements update for us mere photography loving mortals.  Whether its a few minor changes, or some serious alterations, PS Elements 12 is just what you need.

This product is clearly targeted for the home to enthusiast user, with a variety of features designed to make really difficult alterations a cinch for every user.  Regular features such as picture management, social media sharing, and image fixes, amongst others, are all still available.  But they have added some really awesome new features also.  Have you ever taken a family portrait, but there’s always that one “black sheep” family member who tries to be out all on their own?  Well now with just a few clicks you can select them and move them in with the rest of you.

There is also a new intuitive editing environment allowing you to choose from 3 different modes: Quick, Guided and Expert.  This provides various levels of control, from simple software assisted alterations with a few clicks, right the way through to sophisticated menu options and selection tools.

The final feature really worth mentioning is the new Mobile Albums.  This allows you to store your images on the Cloud, and provides access to those images across your computer and mobile devices.  But the really great thing is any additional images you take on the go can be immediately synced, so they will be ready and waiting for you to edit.  Although, in a bandwidth starved South Africa, is may proof to be a little frustrating without a decent internet connection.

Check out the PS Elements 12 homepage for more details and videos.