Alf Kumalo Passes Away: 5 Sep 1930 – 21 Oct 2012

The weekend ends on a sad note with news of the passing of one of South Africa’s great photographers, Alf Kumalo. First news of his passing started on Facebook early this evening from fellow photo journalists. Best known for his coverage of political issue from South Africa’s turbulent past, Alf in recent years, published a book titled “Through My Lens” which shared in images and words, stories from his past.

Working at a retail store that Alf Kumalo would frequent, I had the pleasure to see and experience his warm and wonderful personality first hand on more than one occasion. My last memory of him will be a presentation he made at an Epson Print event in 2010 in Soweto where he gave generously of his time in sharing some of the stories in the before mentioned book.

There will be many who will miss this great man. May his legacy and fearless nature in documenting the truth, continue.

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