Android Kit-Kat (4.4) to support non-destructive editing

It’s been well documented that iOS devices have always had the premium “must have” image editing apps at its disposal, however it seems that Google are making a huge effort to make themselves the new king of the hill.

Not only have they re-worked Google+ recently, and made some updates ot Snapseed, but they have now also added some new functionality to the Gallery app on the new release of Android known as Kit-Kat.

Changes can be made to contrast, colour saturation and colour curves, amongst a host of other features.  Of course the normal cropping, colour effects and so on are there too, and you can even save presets.

Take a look at the video below to get the full run-down of this awesome piece of software.  Bare in mind though, that this is for Android users only, and availability is subject to your device having the latest version of Android on it.


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Darryl Gibbs

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