Breaking News – Upcoming Sony Alpha AX1


We have just seen details of the new Sony Alpha A900 replacement. In a move to make the ultimate modular camera system, the new camera (possibly to be called the Alpha AX1) is a merging of the NEX-7 concept with a full frame A77. Even that description does not truly do it justice.

The main unit looks like an NEX-7, however, the grip is more Alpha like. It features the rumoured square sensor we saw in the past week or so with a whopping 40 megapixels. The size is 36x36mm.

Using the main unit as it comes out of the box, the camera utilizes the E-mount from the rest of the NEX range. In this mode it will offer a 28mp square image or a 24mp APS-C sized image if you want to be more traditional. The magic happens, however, when you mount the battery grip and revised LA-EA2 adapter. With this conversion, the camera morphs into the powerful ‘beast’ that is the A900’s replacement.

Capable of taking all Alpha mount lenses, the camera can now offer the full 40mp square image, or 36mp conventional full frame. The battery grip will allow it to shoot at 15 frames per second with the second generation Electronic shutter system (launched in the A77). The camera is said to be near silent and capable of flash sync speeds of 1/8000th of a second without needing to use the High Speed sync feature; thereby keeping your guide number at maximum strength.

The autofocus system is said to be 102 cross sensors and should be the fastest AF on the market when the camera hits shelves.
What about the video mode, you ask? Let’s just say that HD is ‘so yesterday’. 4K is the term being used here.

It appears that the camera was intended to launch on 30 Feb 2012, but following the earthquake, tsunami and then floods of last year, the production was pushed back. It is expected that the camera will be announced soon and ship on the 31st of April 2012.

The talk is that the second sister camera being launched later this year to run alongside it will feature the ability to clip an upcoming Sony Xperia phone in the back and run the camera on the Android OS.

(If by now you have not noticed the flaws in this article, we wish to wish you a happy April Fools.)