Catherine Hall on TWiT Photo with Chase Jarvis

You may recall that in our June 2011 issue of PhotoComment we featured the work of wedding and portrait photographer Catherine Hall (no relation) from the USA. We originally “met” via Skype recording an episode the This Week in Photo. Now Catherine is hosting TWiT (This Week In Tech) Photo. She kicks things off by interviewing Chase Jarvis. You can find out more on her blog or read on for her words on this new venture.

If you haven’t heard, I snagged the best job ever. I am the host of an awesome new photography netcast, TWiT Photo, on the internationally renowned broadcast network TWiT (This Week in Tech). Every Tuesday, Chief TWiT Leo Laporte and I chat with the world’s leading and most inspirational photographers.  The show strives to educate, inspire, and empower photographers of all levels through the unique insight of acclaimed pros.  And the netcast got even better last week, when we moved into the snazzy new Brick House Studio, with rockstar editorial photographer Zack Arias as our inaugural guest.

Find out more information about TWiT Photo and watch our latest episode with Chase Jarvis here.