CES 2011: Fuji Fiesta – 15 New Cameras!

Thats correct 15 new Fuji digital cameras and we are still waiting for the FinePix X100 coming out later this year. So excuse this rather brief summary of all the models kicking of at the top and working down to the bottom models.

FinePix HS20 EXR

The new king of the hill which is taking over from the HS10, features a 16MP EXR CMOS Sensor and a large 3-inch 460k screen. It has the same 30x Zoom from 24-720mm, 1080p HD Video, 7.6fps RAW capture… does one really need an SLR any more?

FinePix F550 EXR with GPS and F500 EXR

Bar the GPS and RAW capabilities of the F550, both these cameras are identical with the new 16MP EXR CMOS sensor 15x Zoom 1080p HD Video and 8fps.

FinePix XP30

This little waterproof and rugged camera goes to a depth of 5 meters and shock proof to 1.5 meters. With a 5x Zoom, 14MP sensor and now GPS this is a fantastic little camera. It is event said to be freeze proof to -10 degrees.

FinePix S3200 and S4000

With 14MP sensors, 720p Video and 3inch screens the only differ3ence is the one has 24x zoom and the other a 30x.

FinePix Z90

14MP, 5x (28-140mm) zoom and a 3inch touch screen, all in all a  refined improvement over the previous Z70

FinePix T200

This 14MP camera is claiming to be the thinnest 10x zoom on the market to date.

FinePix S2950

14MP with a 18x zoom, this is more a refresher of a previous model than anything else.

FinePix JV200, JX300 and JX350

The top of this lot is the JV200 with 16MP and 5x zoom. The other two drop to 14MP and 5x zoom on the JX300 while the JX350 gets a shorter 3x optical zoom.

And finally the FinePix AV200, AV250, AX350

The AV200 gives 14MP while the AV250 is 16MP both with 3x zooms, the AX350 is 16MP and with a 5x optical zoom.