CES 2011: Samsung Stack 5 New Compacts

It will be fascinating to tally up the total number of new cameras announced at CES 2011 this week. In the absence of the PMA show next month (its been moved out to October) I suspect manufactures have had to opt for CES for the best coverage.

That said, Samsung have played it low with only 5 new cameras.

Samsung Dual View ST700, PL170, PL120

I must say, I wouldn’t have expected the uptake of the dual screen cameras to be as big as it has been… perhaps I am starting to get old and past the ‘cool’ by date. Any way, the ST700 is 16.1MP, 5x optical zoom, 3inch touch screen on the rear and the 1.8 inch on the front with 720p video. The PL170 has a smaller 1.5inch screen on the front while the PL120 has a smaller back screen as well of 2.7 inches.

Samsung WB210, PL210

With 14MP and 3inch screen the mainĀ separatorĀ is that the WB210 has a 12x zoom while the PL210 is 10x.

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