CES 2013 – Canon News

Canon released several new compact cameras at CES but none that have perhaps caused as much of a stir as the PowerShot N. First off, the camera is square and looks as though it was designed first and foremost around it’s tilting touch screen behind the lens which has a round ring around it for controlling zoom and for shutter release – if we understand the details correctly. This means you can hold the camera anyway you wish, there is not really a top of bottom to it. The N sports what Canon says is one-touch WiFi connectivity making sharing simpler. There is a zoom lens giving you the equivalent of a 28-224mm zoom range and at the heart is a 12mp CMOS sensor.

Canon PowerShot N

Apart from the very different PowerShot N, Canon’s new lineup include the IXUS 140 and PowerShot A3500 IS, A2600 and A1400. The IXUS has a 16mp sensor with an 8x zoom lens and WiFi. The A3500 IS also sports WiFi and a 5x zoom with the same 16mp CCD sensor as the IXUS 140. The differences from the A3500 IS to the A2600 is the loss of image stabilization and WiFi on the A2600 while the A1400 moves to AA battery power.

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